36 Total Dreamers 
17 Dreamers
3rd day of the Third Hand in the Month of SeKara
17 ahn 12 ehn
Hulneth Island
Hulneth's Forest
Alcove/Training Room
House of DragonHeart
GRP - Sardar Fair
...[A Winter's Gale]....
F O R G E D·in·F I R E
-||-blood | meridian-||-
|||| Hammer of Rarn ||||
. d i r t y d o l l .
.: Echo of the Plains :.
.The Entropic Illusion.M
Ulrika StonegateCompanio
--- sasha ---
...A Rekindled Spark....
|| Walking the tightrop
Aias DemosCitizen of Min
GRP - The Crossroads
GRP - The Market
GRP - Port Kar
Red Urt Pier District
City of Ko-ro-ba
Slave Training Room
The Field
Council Room
Isanna Savages
Talmont & The House of Athuk
*****docta bestia *****
Sol Mortuus
Isle of Tyros
The Vosk Outpost
The Valley & Beyond
Lower Districts of Ar
Port Kar: Blood and Sea
Dominions of Corcyrus
The Blood Marker
Isle of Teletus
The Talender House
The Silver Talender
GRP - The Stadium of Blades
The Dreaded Tuchuk
White Bosk Camp
City of Kamras
Secluded Gardens
The Kataiians
Paravaci Territories
City of Tor
Skull Island
Tuchuk: Crimson Plains
- - - - - - W a p i k e
occam's razor
The Crimson Wilds
          In Loving Memory of Aamor
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