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5th day of the Fourth Hand in the Twelfth Month
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Hulneth Island
Hulneth's Forest
Alcove/Training Room
House of DragonHeart
GRP - The Crossroads
GRP - The Market
GRP - Port Kar
Red Urt Pier District
The Vosk Outpost
The Valley & Beyond
Lower Districts of Ar
Sol Mortuus
Isle of Tyros
Port Kar: Blood and Sea
Dominions of Corcyrus
Tatrix Palace Tower
PotVS World's End
The Black Court
The Blood Marker
Scourge of Thassa
City of Telnus
Isle of Teletus
The Talender House
White Water
Port Victoria
City Council
The Brawling Ost
GRP - The Stadium of Blades
The Dreaded Tuchuk
White Bosk Camp
City of Kamras
Secluded Gardens
The Kataiians
Paravaci Territories
Skull Island
Schendi Sanctuary
          In Loving Memory of Aamor
Gorean Information Center