Inspirarium - GRP Rules
  1. Please be respectful and keep ooc posts in pm, or at a minimum.
  2. You may not enter the room as anonymous or any of it's many variations. Nor are "joke" names allowed. Also, do not depend on your avatar to identify yourself since many people do not run with pics on. All MUST have a clearly visible name. Observer are welcome as long as they do not become a disruption to the roleplayers present.
  3. The GRP Rooms have auto-posts to enhance your roleplay. Use them if you wish, ignore them if you wish. Just have fun.
  4. Entering indicates acceptance of all rules. By voluntarily entering these rooms, you are indicating acceptance and knowledge of all rules, including those on the entry pages, those linked to pages, as well as PoD's rules. You also agree to accept all results of roleplay that follows these rules.
  5. Themes & Historical is a multi-faceted area and the GRP Rooms are designed to allow anyone, from any genre to come together and roleplay. Please keep this in mind when entering and understand who or what you are roleplaying with - there could be an Astronaut at the bar flirting with a Sorceress, or a Samurai chugging a drink with a Gangster. One of the best things ever said about roleplay is that it is meant to be fun and it is about creating and bringing a story to life. Combat and action do make it livelier but by far it is not the only focus, nor should it be, when considering engaging in interactive roleplay with others. Should both parties decide to entertain in combat, keep in mind that magic might come into play.