Gor - Raiding Rules
  1. A raid can happen at nearly any moment. There must be at least one male combatant within the home prior to a raid. A combatant is defined as a capable fighter of the home. For example, a male scribe would not count, but a male fighting slave could.
  2. Raids will last no more then one (1) hour after the initial attack is made. The initial attack is defined as the first attack made from one PC combatant to another PC combatant, not NPCs. A member of the raiding team should keep track of when the one hour period began and how much time is left.
  3. Raids are intended as a nod to the lost art of "fun raids." These are not a show of personal skill but of role-played violence for the enjoyment of everyone. Using AR Open Combat or Prodigy posting format is a matter of personal choice. The goal is to make some attacks, block some attacks, take some wounds, land some wounds, and grab some loot.
  4. Raids are about give & take.  If you want your opponent to accept some of the things you are doing, then you should accept some of the things that they are doing. This includes taking a wound when you might have been able to actually block it, letting something be stolen, letting yourself be knocked down, etc.  Forced actions and speed postings are still not accepted.  Just go with the flow and have some fun! If you've never experienced a raid like this, we encourage you to speak to those who have so you know what to expect.
  5. There will be no killing, maiming, or permanent captures during or as a result of raiding. Free and slave captives may not be collared, branded, shaved, or raped. They may be caged, chained, shackled, questioned, and interrogated, but all captives will be treated with a level of respect while maintaining the fun, enjoyment, and spirit of fun raiding.
  6. Captures that happen through raiding are done in a very simple and unjudged manner. During each raid, the attackers or instigators of the raid may make two (2) capture attempts. The force being raided may also make two (2) capture attempts of their own against the raiders.
  7. To make a capture attempt, you must be engaged with your target, whether fighting them, chasing them, etc. You must then make a post that details how you are attempting to make the capture, such as knock out, snare in a net, grab, etc. You will then immediately use the dice roller and roll a 10 sided die. If it is odd, the capture is a success; if it is even, the capture is foiled. The process is the same for the defending side attempting to capture attackers. Being engaged with a person requires actually posting on their specific pull-down for at least two posts, followed by a post actually addressed to the target, such as chasing them, trying to corner them, etc. All proper role play should be taken in getting to their pull-down as well.
    Example A:
    Raider going from the gates in one post to being in the 'Great Hall' making a capture attempt in the next post is not acceptable.
    Example B:
      Post 1: Raider breaks through the gate.
      Post 2: Raider runs along the street.
      Post 3: Raider finds & enters the Great Hall.
      Post 4: Raider starts searching through the Great Hall for valuables.
      Post 5: Addressed to Lady Pan Wielder that you've spotted her and begin chasing her.
      Post 6: Capture attempt by trying to grab her from behind.
    If you make an attempt to capture Lady Pan Wielder but fail, you are not permitted to attempt to capture her again for the remainder of that raid.
  8. Rescue attempts may also be used in a raid.  However, these attempts will take the place of a capture attempt. For example, if Cinead raids Titus, who is holding one of his people, Cinead may attempt to rescue his ally, thus reducing his raid to only 1 remaining capture attempt. Rescue attempts will follow the same system as outlined in 7. You must role-play getting to where the captive is at, engage the captive in some way, and then make a post attempting to free the captive. You will then roll the dice. If it is odd, the rescue attempt has worked. Rescued people cannot be recaptured in the same raid.
  9. Captives cannot be held any longer then 72 hours of role-play unless they wish to consent to a longer period. When a raid has concluded, the home that has lost the captive may send an in-character messenger to discuss paying a ransom. These messengers cannot be held or detained in any way while attempting to reach an agreeable price. If, after 72 hours, a captive has not been ransomed or rescued, the captive is free to role-play escaping and returning to their rightful location without any fuss.
  10. At the conclusion of the raid, each side should take time to treat the wounded, take a head count of those present to check for missing members, and repair any possible damage. Defenders may not be raided twice in one night unless they consent to multiple ongoing raids. Even so, a home should not be raided for at least 90 minutes after the first raid has ended. Furthermore, if Kassar is raiding Tuchuk, Turia may not raid Tuchuk simultaneously; no home should be required to defend against more than one raid at a time.
  11. For those free women & slaves feeling brave enough, and with nostalgia in the air, they may defend their homes with a vast assortment of Lady Nyx, Inc. frying pans, rolling pins, and (of course) a collection of rotting fruits & veggies to pelt the would-be raiders! Draw attention to yourself at your own risk! NOTE: Free women and slaves MAY make capture or rescue attempts while defending their home.