Bump in the Night - At a Glance
If you are considering roleplaying in the Vamp & Horror Realm and you're just not sure where exactly to start, whether you're coming to us for the first time, or just looking to get a little bit of information then you've come to the right place. The purpose of this page is to give you more of an explanation to who we are, and what we are about. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask.
Frequently Asked Questions:
• Character Sheets: What are they and do I have to have them to roleplay?
A character sheet is essentially a description of your character, their history, physical characteristics, and an outline of their powers. Rooms will often require that you have these so that powers can be reviewed, and adjusted if your character is too powerful for your general knowledge base, or even under powered for the room. It also is an investment from you that lets room leaders know you have taken the time to think about this character from all sides and are working to create a multi-faceted interactive character that has the potential to add creativity and interest to the ongoing roleplay in the room you are applying for. Character sheet styles and the information contained in them will vary from room to room, and sometimes varies by the character type within a room. For example, a human with no powers would not need as much detail in some areas, as a 5,000 year old vampire would.
Room Controllers are experienced members of most homes, and will gladly lend a helping hand in filling out a character sheet if their room requires one.
• Do these rooms use the dice rollers?
Many rooms in the Vamp & Horror Realm make little to no use of the dice roller within the ongoing roleplays and storylines. The most likely place you will find them used, if even then would be the WW based rooms.
• Do I have to read the books?
Most rooms are based on books that will ask that you have some knowledge, but don't require that you read the books to play there. Many of the rooms have large amounts of information on their sites and forums that is broken down into easy to digest chunks by character type, or races within the world the author had originally created in the books.
• Can I just play a regular human?
Almost all the rooms in our section have room for regular humans. And often coming in as a regular human character is the best way to get your feet went and learn about this roleplay genre. You can be part of the action, learn if your personality meshes with others in the room, and see how to play non-human characters and utilize their powers within the setting.