Bump in the Night - GRP Rules
  1. Please be respectful and keep your ooc posts to roleplay, if there is rp happening inside of the room. If you want to talk back and forth oocly, and there is rp happening, take it to pm and enjoy yourself there. If people are not rping and its just a laid back "chat" feel free to enjoy it. Rp however, should always take precedence in the GRP rooms.
  2. Upon entering a room please take a name. Those that are observing for learning purposes may do just that as long as they do not become a disruption to the roleplayers and chatters present.
  3. Most of the rooms include autoposts to enhance the roleplay. These are actions that are automatically posted by the room, in yellow. Some of the rp rooms in the realm have rules regarding these auto-posts and others just use them for fun or to enhance the rp there. Please be aware of the room your entering and their rules regarding autoposts, if any. There are autoposts in the GPR rooms to enhance your rp. Use them if you wish, ignore them if you wish. Just have fun!
  4. Entering indicates acceptance of all rules. By voluntarily entering these rooms, you are indicating acceptance and knowledge of all rules, including those on the entry pages, those linked to pages, as well as PoD's rules. You also agree to accept all results of roleplay that follows these rules.
  5. There are many different "styles" and "kinds" of vamp and horror roleplay in this section. The GRP rooms are designed to allow anyone from any genera to come together and use it for roleplay. Please understand before you roleplay with someone who and what you are rping with. (ex. An immortal demon, a werewolf, a freaky zombie, some whacked out vampire, or just a lowly human with no powers) You have the choice to play or not play with someone, nothing would be forced in our GRP rooms. Just understand if your agreeing to rp with that person its up to you two to decide the rules of that rp; i.e. how your combat would work if that's something you engage in etc.
  6. These rooms are for fun ... FUN ... and more fun. Please leave the drama at the door and any kind of ooc beef that might exist when inside. Be respectful of other people and don't think about causing a massive scene oocly. If you have a problem be adult and talk it out. The team is always here and available if you need them. Drama IC is encouraged, be responsible and have fun!