Site Rules
  1. You must legally be an adult chronologically, or you will be banned for life.
  2. You must behave as an adult, or be banned until the administrative staff decide otherwise.
  3. Those found to be, or have been, harboring or hiding a minor upon the Portal of Dreams site will be immediately banned ... Permanently and without reprieve. If you have a membership, consider it gone. If you are a Room Leader, the room will be immediately removed as well.
  4. Postings (both textual and imagery) regarding underage porn, underage nudity, Scatology or Beastiality is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of minor characters in roleplay in any room that has open cybering (textual sexuality), slavery or blatantly sexual characters. In roleplay rooms, you can refer to child characters in your own posts, but it may not be a separate character, regardless of it being played by an adult. (In other words they must be NPC's).
  5. Intolerance, Bigotry, Racism, Sexism and Prejudice are not welcome here in Portal of Dreams, either in image form, postings in rooms or on the boards, or in chat names or tags. Portal of Dreams reserves the right to determine what is or is not deemed as intolerance, bigotry or prejudicial in nature. Continuing to demonstrate what Portal of Dreams deems as these unwanted attitudes or behaviors will be cause for booting or banning from this site.
  6. Rooms on site are permitted to have Banned/BoS (Boot On Sight) lists that can have any name placed upon them and the room not required to have a cause or reason why anyone is Banned/BoS, but are only permitted to have the person's name and nothing else such as the reasons for them to be Banned/BoS to avoid unneeded drama and such.
  7. Impersonating a Chatter or Staff Member is not tolerated under any circumstance. The offender will be booted with minimal warning/s. Repeat offenses may warrant temporary or permanent site banning. Real Portal of Dreams Staff members and Moderators magnifying glasses will appear as gray, magenta, dark blue, light blue, or red on the whochat.
  8. "Cyberstalking" and obtaining personal info of, or displaying personal info of any user, will not be tolerated here. The offender will be booted and repeat offenses can result in banning.
  9. Threats of an RT nature, or harassment of any chatter, staff, or the site, are taken very seriously and appropriate action will be taken. Threats of a legal nature will result in Portal of Dreams respectfully asking you to remove yourself from the site. Persistence in returning will result in banning and the person being legally labeled as a Hostile Entity. This protects the chatters, the site and the person issuing the threat.
  10. As much as we want to be advertised, we do not care for our members to go to other sites and advertise Portal of Dreams. Recruiting is considered rude amongst the various chat communities. We will not allow it done on Portal of Dreams.
  11. We ask that avatars do not exceed 600 pixels tall x 900 pixels wide in any of the General Role Play rooms. All other rooms have a room leader (RC) and image size is left up to their discretion. For issues with image size in a GRP room, contact a moderator; and for all other rooms please talk to the room leader.
  12. Many rooms on this site have their own rules, which while you are in that room you should follow as though they were stated here. If a moderator is called they can and will moderate any infractions of site rules, OR room/realm rules. Please read the rules posted on the front page of any room you enter. By clicking enter you agree to the rules posted there.
  13. We ask for the sake of chatter privacy as well as for site security that there be absolutely no kind of security, spam, IP sniffer, web analytics, or any similar type of coding or software installed on any room's entry page, room forums, or any web pages hosted from PoD servers as well as hosted off PoD but still linked to room entries or forums. When/if found, such will be removed immediately and if Staff is unable to remove it, it will be removed by the Room Leader of whoever created and maintains the room pages/forums. Subsequent/frequent abuses of this important site rule will be dealt with and could result in the offending room being removed from PoD and person responsible possibly site banned. This is a Zero Tolerance rule on Portal of Dreams as we believe site and chatter privacy and security is one of the most important things on the site. If you have any questions on what constitutes such offending software or coding, please contact Senior Staff before attempting to install it.
  14. It's only polite to enter a room and let those there know who you are by using your chatter/ooc/character name. This allows your friends, both new and old alike, to know who they are speaking to. Anonymous names and/or initials are just not in good taste, and can earn you a boot.
Civil Rights:  Portal of Dreams is privately owned. Although we are advocates of Free Speech, we do determine what is suitable and what is not on this site. On occasion, we receive emails or forum messages from users who think that anything they say has to be tolerated, and that we are violating their Civil Rights. If you believe this, feel free to contact a lawyer to verify whether or not your rights are being violated. We already know the answer.
By entering Portal of Dreams, you are agreeing to abide by all of the rules upon this site.