Inspirarium - GRP Open Combat
Whenever possible, combatants should decide amongst themselves which form of combat they will be using. These rules are meant for those times when players cannot choose.
Open Combat Rules
  1. There is no site judge. Combatants will determine their own outcome of their fights
  2. Combat will consist of as many posts as it takes to finish the combat, or if the combatants decide to withdraw.
  3. Combat posts will comprised of three actions. You can use these actions as you wish, all defense, all attack, or a combination of the two.
  4. If you use magic or have a magic attack it will take two of your actions to perform a spell or use a spell-like ability. Same goes if you have mental powers - it will cost you two actions to use them. This makes it fair for those who only use weapons in combat. If you are hit before your magic or mental attack goes off it does not work or go off.
  5. To attack, you must state a target, and the attack must be more than five words.
  6. To evade an attack, you must match approximately half of the word count of the attack directed at you.
  7. To nullify or counter an attack, you must match or exceed the word count of the attack directed at you.
  8. If you fail to recognize an attack directed at you, or fail to legally defend against such an attack, then that attack is assumed to have connected, and the agressor reserves the right to call the hit.
  9. The defender must have ICly acknowledged the existence of the agressor at some point in the transcript. This proves that the defender is at least OOCly aware of the aggressor's intentions. It also prevents the agressor from "beating a blind horse".
  10. Force posts may be called upon defenders who fail to meet the prep/initial count requierments for the action they are trying to perform, or completely fail to acknowledge the attack if they have acknowledged the agressor. Actions such as speaking ICly, or performing actions not related to responding to the attack are such examples.
  11. Force posts/blows/hits may not be called for mortal strikes. Such tactic renders the defender dead without a chance to counter and goes against the spirit of roleplaying.
  12. Kills and Captures are permissible as long as both players agree to the actions, if not then consider it null and void.