8 Total Travelers 
8 Travelers
4th day of the Fifth Hand in the Ninth Month
11 ahn 29 ehn
Hulneth Island
Hulneth's Forest
The Vegvisir
. . . Úlfhéðinn . .
:The Monster on the Hill
Kassau Village
The Inner Circle
The Bath House
Alcove/Training Room
House of DragonHeart
Black Talon Cove
Drownin Sorrows and Pain
xxxRide with the Devilxx
Shivari HuntressBlack Ta
Hot Screams
Kraken's Lair
Dark Herlit Outlaws
Mia-Property of Targo---
Darkwater's Territory
emi [Property of the Dar
The Darkwater's Exchange
Darkwater's Lair
City of Ko-ro-ba
Slave Training Room
The Field
Council Room
Flats of Sarpedo
Sol Mortuus
The Dreaded Tuchuk
White Bosk Camp
City of Kamras
Secluded Gardens
The Kataiians
The Bloody Tuchuk
Oasis of Four Palms
GRP - Southern Gor
In Loving Memory of Aamor
Gorean Information Center
0 Travelers
Infinite Nyghts
Club Mayhem
Tequila Sunrise
The Vale
Aftermath of the Dead
Sanguine Twilight
Dusk on Bourbon Street
Watch Point Purgatory
Toronto at Twilight
Immortal Moon
Motor City Mayhem
Kingdoms of Ash
San Antonio at Midnight
Forsaken Isle
The Serpent's Coil
Totem Falls
Sins in Storyville
Sins in the Swamp
Chaos in Sydney
Crescent City Sins
GRP - Deceptive Reality
0 Travelers
The Get Away
The Get Away Alcove
Arena & Events Center
Eternal Sorrows
Dirty Deeds
Worlds Collide
DC: The Multiverse
Marvel: Infinite Horizon
The Dark Multiverse
The Nexus
Epics and Empires
Sword and Sorcery
Uncharted Territories
Shattered Realms
Distorted Reality
Historical Earth
Realms of Fantasy
Obsidian Galaxy
Dragon Island
Reaper's Asylum
Torment and Agony Wrestling
Crown of Thorns
Dawn of Legends
Blackrose Manor
SoA:Mojave Desert
Long Beach: Smoke n Sin
GRP-Infinite Imagination
Cara Castle
Cara Manor
Privacy Rooms
Club Eclipse
The Horseladies Lounge
In Loving Memory of Maggie and Care
The Fairgrounds
PoD's Pavilion
0 Travelers
Sugar and Spice
The Lounge
The Cages
Darkness Within
Sacristy of Art and Power
Sinners & Saints
Sinful Seduction
The Black Dahlia
GRP - Whips & Chains
Penthouse Suites
The Twisted Sanctuary
The Speakeasy
The Dark Room