Gor - Room Approval Criteria
  1. A PoD membership is NOT required to open a room. You do not have to pay to play on Portal of Dreams! However, those desiring Room Leader boots and/or the Room Leader color on the whochat must have or obtain a PoD membership. Likewise, room moderator(s) must possess a PoD membership to obtain room boots and the Room Moderator color on the whochat
  2. The room must be up to the universal standards of Gor. This means a variety of things:
    • Accepting raids is entirely up to individual rooms and if a room accepts raids it must have its own raid rules posted somewhere that can be easily found and read and raiders must adhere to each room's raid rules. An example of raid rules can be provided to room leaders that don't have their own already written up.
    • PoD uses Alter Realms Open Combat as its default fighting system for Open Combat in its GRP Rooms but room leaders can use any combat rules they wish for their own rooms.  If a room leader elects to not use Prodigy for Open Combat situations they must post their own rules, or a link to their rules on their room entries to ensure a level playing field for all who enter the room.  Otherwise sport spars or any arranged battles can use whatever fighting system the combatants participating wish.
    • The room entry/rules must specify who will judge all room combat, whether the Room Leader, another member of the home, an appointed judge of the RL, or a mutually agreeable third party; and must also specify who will judge room combat in the event that the Room Leader is a combatant.
    • Whether nor not a home permits secondary characters and/or MPG (multi player Gorean) is at the discretion of the Room Leader. The room entry must specify whether or not the home permits either of these or any specific guidelines pertaining to them.
    • Room Leaders are responsible for running the home they have chosen to open on Portal of Dreams. Please note that homes that have consistently shown to be empty can result in your room being hidden without notice. If you will be away for an extended period of time, please reach out to us.
    • Member ONLY Kill zones, or No kill zones are not allowed in homes. This creates a disadvantage to any visitor who enters the home, as they can be killed, but they cannot defend themselves and end up killing the attacker, or vice versa.
  3. The submitted room concept and its application must be Gorean in nature.  For example, no panther girls running around the City of Ar or Klingon generals leading the Tuchuks. Site Admin will review the application as well as any provided material to ensure the high quality Gorean standards PoD adheres to.
  4. Room Leaders who play female characters are limited to the following Gorean-accepted venues for women in leadership roles: leader of a Panther or Taluna band; Tatrix of Corcyrus or pre-revolution Tharna; or owner of a personal villa, estate, or business.
  5. Habitual opening and closing of rooms will result in a minimum 3 month waiting period before your next room application will be accepted. Regardless of genre.
  6. All approved rooms are approved with the rules and concept provided and any major changes of either must be brought to Site Admin for review before being implemented.
  7. Any further questions or concerns on room applications can be directed to Site Administration.