Moderating on PoD
Moderating on PoD is done at different levels, which will be laid out below, but the guidelines for all moderating will remain the same across the board. This is a guide to have all chatters and members of PoD aware of procedure and to know who to contact should issues arise. We strongly encourage Room Leaders to handle all business in their rooms when they are online. We also strongly recommend the use of the MOD CALL button in every room for situations that arise needing the assistance of a moderator.
  • All warnings to Anonymous chatters entering a room will be done in PM. Three will be given.
  • One minute will be given between warnings before the second and third are given.
  • First bootings for Anonymous will be no longer than 10 minutes.  NO BOOT WILL BE LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES! (If someone is requiring a longer boot, and is NOT on the Portal of Dreams "Boot On Site" list, then it must be handled by Senior Staff, or one of the Site Administrators).
  • A person on the BoS list of an individual room, will only require one warning, in PM, before a 30 minute boot. However, this list MUST BE POSTED visibly on your room entry.
Room Leaders and Room Moderators:
You are allowed to moderate in your room ONLY. Follow the guidelines above for the length of booting restrictions. Anonymous warnings are up to the Room Leader to set protocol on.
Site Moderators:
You are allowed to moderate in all rooms onsite. More extensive training on procedures to adhere to across all sites must be attended and passed before able to perform these duties. You have further protocol to follow than what is listed above, but is inclusive of these rules as well. You will not override a Room Leader in his/her room.
Site Admins:
We will also adhere to the above guidelines for moderating and would usually only act in the absence of a Site Moderator, Room Moderator, or Room Leader are not available. We will not override a Room Leader in his/her room.
Site Moderator Qualifications
To apply to become a Moderator for Portal of Dreams, please read over our qualifications and if you can fulfill them ALL, we would love to hear from you.  You can find our moderator application by clicking HERE.  Our goal is to contact you within 48 hours to discuss your application.  We sincerely thank you for considering a position with the Portal of Dreams moderator team!
Qualifications for becoming a Portal of Dreams Moderator:
  • A majority of your role-play time is spent in rooms on the Portal of Dreams sites. Site loyalty is a must. You may RP on other sites but the majority of time must be visible in PoD Chat Rooms.
  • You will check in and stay up to date on all threads on the Moderator forums. Must be able to check in once every 5 days.
  • You can follow mandated procedures for moderating.
  • You understand and agree to all Portal of Dreams posted site and moderating rules.
  • You have the ability to remove yourself from situations you are involved in and ask a colleague to take over.