Membership does have its privileges. If you are enjoying our site, let us sweeten the deal for you. Purchasing a membership entitles you to a wealth of benefits ...
Your membership works in any room
  • Ability to reserve a chat name for your time on Portal of Dreams
  • Ability to enter any room, in any Realm, even if the room is full
  • Ability to apply and open FREE rooms on Portal of Dreams
  • Ability to create and save character profiles for entering rooms
  • Powerful 500Mb of web-Based storage for your files, web pages, and images/pictures
Please Note The Following
  • No copyrighted materials of any kind in file storage
  • There are no refunds and existing memberships are not transferable
  • All pricing is subject to change without notice
Member Levels
3 Month Membership - $12.50
6 Month Membership - $20.00
12 Month Membership - $30.00
Member Perks
Private Room - $5.00
Coppermine Gallery - $5.00
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