Inspirarium - Room Approval Criteria
  1. A PoD membership is NOT required to open a room. You do not have to pay to play on Portal of Dreams! However, those desiring Room Leader boots and/or the Room Leader color on the whochat must have or obtain a PoD membership. Likewise, room moderator(s) must possess a PoD membership to obtain room boots and the Room Moderator color on the whochat.
  2. As detailed as possible room concept/description and complete room rules to be submitted with your application and must abide by all Portal of Dreams Site Rules as well as, if available, a link to any forums or message boards that will be used for the room.
  3. Rooms should be as original in nature as possible. What this means is: Rooms of the same nature/concept/locations will not be approved. For example, if you open an SOA room and its based in New Orleans and there is already an SOA room based in New Orleans, the application will not be approved.
  4. Room Leaders are responsible for running the home they have chosen to open on Portal of Dreams and are not permitted to have the same room on any other site. If you open the same room offsite, or abandon it to move to another room, please give us the courtesy of a notice so that we may remove your room from the whochat.
  5. All approved rooms are approved with the rules and concept provided and any major changes of either must be brought to Site Admin for review before being implemented.
  6. Habitual opening and closing of rooms will result in a minimum 3 month waiting period before a new room application will be accepted. Regardless of genre.
  7. The genre that you are looking to have your room placed in must be included with your room application. (Fantasy, History, Reality)
  8. Any further questions or concerns on room applications can be directed to the Site Administration.