Rising from the primordial ooze, a new universe takes shape. A universe created from one's own mind. A world filled with mystery and wonderment. Is it all in your mind ... or is it an alter reality found deep within you?
Clearer it becomes ... the creation seems as if from the Gods ... a universe of beauty, honor, courage, love, danger ... of life itself.
You have entered a small eddy in the space/time continuum ... a place where the lines of reality and fantasy fade to nothing ... where you can explore the bounds of your imagination and beyond. Where you can let your soul be free.
This is your reality ... are you ready to behold the mysteries of life ... of good and evil ... of triumph and defeat ... of courage and fear ... of joy and sorrow ... of wanton desire and need?
To live your dreams and even your nightmares ... to hold them close ... to lose yourself for a while in the rapture only your special inner world can express.