6 Travelers

1st day of the Third Passage in the Month of Camerius/Selnar
07 ahn 28 ehn

Hulneth Island

Hulneth's Forest

Larius River Logging Camp

The Upper Meadows

TBS : Caverns

Laura: The Northern Lights

|-Training Hall-|

Kassau of Gor

Slum Tavern



GRP - The Market
. requiem for a memory

City of Ko-ro-ba

Slave Training Room

The Field

Council Room


Flats of Sarpedo

Brundisium - The Darkside

The Black Court

adonis of Tharna, PoD, p
todd(M)Property of the H
VictoriaTharna | POD

Ar: Viktel Aria

Ar: Stadium of Blades

Isle of Tyros
~Sulst--=In Sea and Bloo



       In Loving Memory of Aamor
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