The Dreaded Tuchuk

Room Rules

1) The observer tag (-o-) is honored here with a proper name.

2) ALL Un-collared slaves will be instantly collared to the camp {TDT}

3) Collared slaves may visit with permission of Owner,

4) Anonymous names, dots, or anything other than a proper name will not be tolerated and instantly booted without warning

5) Free women must be respectful at ALL times.

6) NO dueling or gender bending

7) Accusations without proof need not enter

8) Raids or other such RP's must be agreed upon between both RCs prior to engagement

9) ALL ROOM RULES are subject to interpretation, adjustment, or change depending on the whim of the Ubar and that they fall into line with Gorean and PoD Gorean guidelines. All Members and guests will remain up to date on them

10) Prodigy is NOT used here. All combat will be based on the 3/2 system. ( rules are top right under Combat) Judgment will be done by the room leader. If he is involved in said combat, a judge of his choosing will be made.


The Tuchuk, the fiercest of the four tribes of the Wagon Peoples. Tuchuk philosophies and personality are personified by it's secret Ubar, Kamchak. A proud, cunning, lusty, brawling, exceptionally skilled warrior who disguises his considerable intellect and deadly, aggressive spirit beneath with an a broadly sketched, 'who me?' befuddlement. These nomads have encampments of thousands of gaily painted wagons, their herds of the reverenced bosk, often numbering into the millions, surrounding them. Throughout the day, the camps are teeming with scarred warriors, kaiila, clad Kajir slaves, dour free women, haruspices and domesticated sleen. All Tuchuk men are expected to defend their encampment, so there are no castes as such but clans, such as healers, leather workers and salt seekers exist, including the clan of the torturers. The Tuchuk warrior prays to the "Spirit of the Sky" on kaiila-back with his weapons at hand, demanding victory and luck for themselves, defeat and misery for their enemies, primarily Turia'...chief of the things before which the proud Tuchuk stands ready to remove his helmet is the sky, the simple, vast beautiful sky, from which falls the rain that, in his myths, formed the earth, the bosks, and the Tuchuks."


If you have any questions feel free to contact the Room Leader Hadrian @