The Dreaded Tuchuk



All weapons will be of Gorean nature and true to the books. No exceptions will be made for this rule in any way.

There will be a total of three (3) alternating posts per each combatant with a maximum of five (5) actions per post that can either be offensive or defensive in nature with a final fourth post being a defensive post from each combatant.

An example:
State/describe beginning stance, weapon/locations, and other pertinent information
Combantant A, Post 1: OFFENSE ONLY - Initial Attack
Combantant B, Post 1: DEFENSE/OFFENSE
Combantant A, Post 2: DEFENSE/OFFENSE
Combantant B, Post 2: DEFENSE/OFFENSE
Combantant A, Post 3: DEFENSE/OFFENSE
Combantant B, Post 3: DEFENSE/OFFENSE
Combantant A, Final Post: DEFENSE to conclude combat

Time limits are decided and agreed upon by each combatant prior to beginning and to be included in submitted scripts.

Sudden/Surprise open combat will have a default 10 minute time limit.

Penalties for surpassing time limits will be dealt with in the judging.

Weapons, offensive or defensive, used will be made known to all combatants before any combat or sparring begins.

Any weapon/s not mentioned and used will not be allowed and judged invalid unless agreed upon by all combatants.

What you're carrying has to make it past the judge.

All deaths resulting from any combat or spar are to be scripted and sent to the Ubar or another judge he chooses for judgement.

As with deaths any unresolved or disputed outcome of any combat or spar will be scripted and sent to the Ubar for him or another of his choosing to judge.

All rulings by the Ubar or a judge chosen by him will be Final.