The Storyline surrounding

Penthouse Suites

The storyline surrounding the Penthouse Suites:
Your driving along the streets, the neon lighting on the front of a building reading Penthouse draws you in with curiosity.
As you pull up to the entrance of the building, the Bellhop standing on the front steps directs you to the underground parking facilities. From there he directs you to take the elevator from the underground garage to the Penthouse Lobby located on the first floor.
As you arrive in the lobby stepping out from the elevator, a receptionist greets you. She gives you a brief layout of the various rooms inside the Penthouse suites. Before you leave the lobby she informs you to be prepared to see and hear just about anything within the suites. From a scantily clad maid to the sounds of whips and chains echoing from the rooms within the building.
From the Lobby, you could walk the hallways of the first floor. The den can be found as well as a pool surrounded by a deck outside and a jacuzzi.

If you take the elevator to the second floor the kitchen, dining room, and living room lay in store.
If you find your way to the third floor the offices and bedrooms can be found.
Moving up to the fourth floor you would find the library, recreation room, gym, and a large shower room.
The fifth floor contains client suites and a fully equipped dungeon room.
The sixth floor of the building offers a Nightclub with an always fully stocked bar. There is a large dance floor, both open and private booths, a Vip area located at the back of the club, a staff area, and of course the Owner's office to be found within the club. The Nightclub is watched over by bouncers on balconies around the club and around the doors during business hours.
Each of the six levels of the building hold opportunities to be explored by the curious and the pleasure seeker in search of amusement or enjoyment throughout the suites.

Penthouse Suites

Room Rules

{1.} You are to use an appropriate name when you enter.
No anonymous names or initials will be permitted here.
The RC or Moderator will give one warning for you to use a proper name and if you do not comply you will be removed.
{2.} This is a BDSM oriented room, open scenes are welcome and may happen.
Be advised and forewarned that Sexually explicit scenes or graphic content may take place here at any time within the open.
{3.} SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual), as well as R.A.C.K (Risk aware consensual kink), are adhered to here.
Failure to abide by that will result in your removal from the room.
{4.} There will be no forced collars or room collars here.
{5.} Ask in the open before sending a PM to anyone in the room out of common courtesy.
{6.} No means no...and the choice will be respected.
If not you will be asked to leave by the RC or a Moderator.
{7.} Come in and Have fun and Enjoy Yourself.
If you just wish to observe you may do so without the use of a ~o~.

Room Leaders: Skyler & Jareth