Welcome To The Infamous Kar

Port Kar. The Jewel of Thassa

A city so decadent that it has no Home Stone. Power comes to those who are strong enough to seize it. Can you survive Port Kar?


  1. ALL GRP Room Rules will be applied here
  2. Anonymous names, as well as improperly themes named (like Vampire Slayer!) are not in good taste, so please refrain from using them. You must use your Gorean Character's name, even if lurking. This means your full Gorean Name. Not Initials. Not Ghost Tags. Not Nick Names.
  3. Mirror rules regarding kills, captures and collaring will apply.
  4. You are free to use our GRP rooms and silently observe, meditate or quietly learn. We won't hold it againt you, so long as you are practicing good manners and using your roleplay name! Once you break your silence, in any fashion, you are fair game and subject to the harsh realities of this room.
  5. There is NO OOC in any of the GRP rooms. You are responsible for every word that you utter, whether you are in character or not, and will be held accountable IN CHARACTER for any words you say. This does NOT Apply to Staff Business. If a Mod, or Admin is speaking to you for site purposes, then of course it isn't IN Character. This shouldn't have to be said, but apparently it had to be addressed.
  6. If you don't know the basic Rules yet, Please take the time to learn them Here

This is Port Kar

Port Kar is Decadent. Squalid. Improper. Sordid. Unsavory. Seedy.

There will be death, thievery, corruption, murder.

If you can't handle that, or do not like that type of roleplay. Do Not Enter. It's as simple as that.