The Wicked City Rules:

*All Portal of Dreams site rules apply.

*Please be respectful of your fellow roleplayers.  

*Keep out of character drama out of the room.  We're all here to have fun.  If you have an issue with someone please resolve it elsewhere.  

*Character sheets are optional but we do reserve the right to say a character is inappropriate for the setting.  

*This is Berlin in the 1920s combined with Mythos Horror.  This means sex, drugs, violence, and other dark situations can and will come up in RP that are a mix of real world and supernatural horror.   Please discuss with your fellow players what you are and aren't comfortable with before you start RPing.  Realize you'll see these things but also don't try to force things you know your fellow players don't like upon them.  This goes back to respecting your fellow players.

*OOC chatter when RP isn't happening is fine but if RP is happening please try to keep OOC to a minimum.  

*Keep Avatars at a reasonable size.  850 Wide by 550 Height is a good default although having a slightly larger one is acceptable.  

*While non-consensual situations can come up in RP, the players must consent to them OOC.  Aka you can't kill/permanently maim/etc another player unless they've given you permission to.  Exceptions can be made for someone doing something blatantly stupid(for example if you leap into magma nothing is saving you from becoming the melted remains of burnt flesh).  

*Observers and new players are welcome but please take a real name when you enter the room.