Things to Know

The high city of Thentis lies in a remote area within these rugged mountains. It is most famed for its fine tarn flocks and skilled Tarnsmen. The books do not state who leads the city or even if an Administrator or Ubar rules. The city must import its grain so it is safe to assume they engage in little agriculture. But, it is a wealthy city due to its large tarn flocks and a number of silver mines. Though it is a mountain city, it is still composed of cylinders like most Gorean cities. 


Black wine is a coffee-like drink made from beans grown in the mountain city of Thentis. It is very strong and bitter. Thentis does not trade the beans to make this drink. They wish to maintain a monopoly on this product, further enhancing their wealth. But, it is a luxury even in Thentis. It is commonly only served in High Caste Homes. It is also an expensive luxury outside Thentis, affordable only by the wealthy. Few except for the most expensive of paga taverns would serve blackwine due to its rarity and expense. There is one reference where a cup of blackwine outside of Thentis sold for a silver eighty-piece. 


 PoD Site Rules apply.

 We are a Kill/Capture/Collar Zone & Mirror Zone; if we can't do it in your home, it cannot be done in ours.

Thentis is a well fortified and guarded City. The City proper will be considered a safe zone and follow merchant trade role-play.

The outer areas and should we add a sub-room will have more danger and increase as Thentis’ zone of control weakens. Under consideration as we add men.

Guards may be used to enforce rules much like the market. They cannot kill but can cage at the direction of a Member directing the NPC’s.     


Guidelines to Follow

 ROOM LEADER :   Terence
1.    All Castes will be welcomed to the City but it will be expected that all Citizens do role-play and not just sit there and chat. We will try to limit OOC but realistically it happens now and then. 
2.    All within the Home who call Thentis our “Home”, are safe within the walls. We are focused on trade and typical merchant roleplay at this stage.

3.    Free Men will play their caste:
- own a  slave girl, you are responsible for her behavior.

4.    Free Women
-The Free Women are to act and behave like a Free Woman. Failure to do so may well result in new jewelry. Veils are optional.

5. The Black Caste – not currently accepting “hunts”.

6. Uncollared slaves will be hunted and collared if possible. This is a role-play opportunity not a force post capture to be seized upon entry. A room member not involved will judge the capture if it is disputed.

- Collared slaves are allowed to visit but should ask permission to visit according to their owners rules.

- Non-members should ask permission to collar slaves within the home.

- The 48 hour capture rule will be employed for captured members  and role-players of other homes. Mirror rules apply here. We are sure you know the expectations here about what you can do or not do.

 7.    Observers with a proper name are allowed with an  ~o, obs, - o – etc. You may PM a member with questions. If you are asked a question you are safe to engage in conversation.

8.    Thentis will have tarn patrols out to scout for people entering. It is not clear if entry to the mountain is by tarn only or there is a road (assumed well guarded.) No river system into the city though there is one close by. It is possible outlaws and scouts can be seen and caught by the storytell patrols. Consider this as added excitement as you enter a strong pwerful mountian city.

9.   Any escape attempt from the House will not be accepted as valid unless at least 1 Slaver of the House or free if roling with them are present (and active) in the room at the time of the escape itself. Note that this is a Slaver of the House specifically, not of Thentis unless in role-play with a member of Thentis.

10.  Use of NPC characters to enhance role-play and increase stories is allowed. NPC’s cannot kill characters and realistic role-play to enhance a storyline is why they are used. An NPC character will have NPC in their tags. 

11. Secondary Charactersand NPC's are allowed. Please add Secondary Character of (insert Primary) in your tags. They can capture but not kill characters.

12. MPG is allowed. MPG tags should be listed. MPG characters may not kill, , capture or use any role-play from this home as knowledge in other homes. This means if you are not a member here you have limited roleplay as a MPG character. Memeber s of the home that use MPG characters of the home have full rights as a member to kill, capture or engage with visitors. A member of the home creating and using a character in another home will follow the limited role-play for that character as stated before no, killing or using roleplay to harm the home. We still use primary characters first so No Dualing as POD rules define. (NPC’s and secondary characters are not either. NPC's should not be sexual)

13.  The 3 action combat system with posts for weapons and alternatiing posts are in place here as the primary system given the nature of the wilds. As a trade room combat is likely more for captures and other role-play as needed. Prodigy  is the combat system recognized for spars. Open Combat is prefrred to enhance role-play. We prefer you work out combat and not need judging. Should the combat require a judge it will default to the room owner in this case Terence, then Niles. If they are in the combat we will chose the judge this not open for discussion. Any combat will be judged by an assigned male of the home. This rule supersedes Strega being the judge when the room first openedas ownership has changed.  

14.  Terence will judge spars ,combats and any others issues that may arise and need judged with Niles as secondary judge

We are not accepting raids at this time. Fun raids can be discussed. Remember this a tarnsman based home so raids back will likely be based on that ability. Our focus is on trade and commerce.

15.  This rules supersede any and all others here. here is an old copy when going to the forum they are no longer in play (We are working on removing them) 9/11/2023 update.