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By the books and official Gorean maps the Isle of Hunjer is a far northern island west of mainland Torvaldsland. Hunjer is more sizable than surrounding islands such as Skjern and Scagnar that are protectorates and under the control of Hunjer, its settlement larger than a steading or village as it has a large port complete with an expansive set of docks and shipyards that are owned by the High Jarl himself as well as warehouses, taverns, and other things you would find in a normal port city of Gor but of course in a complete Torvaldsland setting surrounding an inlet harbor where the vast fleet of Hunjer sits anchored when not out pillaging Thassa or plying their trade.

Perched on a high hill just above the settlement rests a large but traditional longhouse where the High Jarl, Aerig Ironsail resides, governs Hunjer, and looks upon his holdings and those of his Captains who alongside fellow fierce warriors protect the Isle from attack.

Away from the docks and settlement the Isle is dotted here and there with cottages and fields for the short growing season that is the way of the North. Though very little of Hunjer is noted within the books this home holds itself as close as possible to Gorean and Northern Gor ideals that are true to the writings of John Norman as is seen in the Isle's rules and even more so in the ways of its Members..

Welcome to the Isle

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Room Rules

Complete room rules can be found on the Isle forums.
The rules below are the most important.

1. The first and most important rule of this Home is NO DRAMA. Leave it at the door. If you cause problems you can find the exit as easily as you found the entry. Don't bring your politics, personality conflicts with others, or outside r/t problems into the home and the same will be offered in return to you. This rule applies to home members and guests alike. Cause problems and you're gone. It's really just that simple and clear. There is ZERO tolerance for fuckery or mucking about.

Anonymous/Ungorean names are not allowed for any reason. If you can take the time to come into the home then you can just as easily take that time to do so with a proper name. Otherwise you will be asked to leave or risk being removed from the room. Why camp when you can actually role-play, which is what PoD is all about.

~O~'s will be allowed to observe but only after asking if they may from a room member in PM. They will not be permitted to participate in any role-play happening at the time unless they config into a proper gorean name and role-play a realistic entry into any role-play.

If you don't ask to observe or participate in role-play as stated above then you will be asked to leave or risk being removed from the room. Messengers are allowed but they must enter the room in their actual Gorean name, stating immediately who they are there to message, or they will be removed from the room.

2. This is a Gorean home in every sense of the word. We are by no means book thumpers but we firmly believe in the spirit and the writings of John Norman and we follow them faithfully and if you have cause with that or want your own little version of Gor then perhaps you would be better suited to find another site as the Isle of Hunjer and Portal of Dreams are both committed to keeping Gor as it should be.

We'll forgive "some" lapses from lack of Gorean knowledge but that will only go so far. If in doubt, ask. Better to ask and learn than be seen as a fool or worse. Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity will be sent packing.

3. Hunjer honors the new PoD Gorean MPG guidelines, also mutually supporting it from other Gorean homes that choose to observe the same guidelines.

4. Wayward bonds/slaves or "bare necks" will be immediately captured, secured, and, if found worthy collared to the Isle. Those who do not serve the Isle in all ways befitting a northern bond maid should keep in mind that the High Jarl firmly believes even sharks of Thassa have to eat too and slave/bond maid meat is a shark delicacy.

If you come in just wanting a collar with no commitment to the home, then don't bother entering to begin with.

This same rule applies to improperly acting Free Women. Act as a bond maid and a bond maid you will swiftly become, no exceptions. Proper Free Women are welcome to visit and will be treated with the proper respect due them until they forget to be proper and then they will learn the use of a Torvaldsland "bond circle" firsthand.

We are not a slaver house so Free Men or Women looking to pick up a slave in our home there are better locales for your "shopping" such as the Crossroads or other PoD GRP rooms. Good hunting!

5. The Isle is a Mirror Zone in all regards which means if we can't do it in your home then you can't in ours.

6. Realistic role-play is the bottom line within this home. Abide by location pull-downs to avoid confusion and remember that the Isle of Hunjer is just that, an island. And that means you simply can't magically appear without arrival by some sort of ship through legitimate role-play. It takes more than a single post to travel from a ship and beyond the dock's warehouses and taverns.

Common sense will serve you well in role-play upon the Isle. Realistic Gorean geography is adhered to in the home when traveling so aside from an extremely "rare" occurrence it is highly doubtful that, for example a Taharian or jungle slave would be walking down a gangplank at the Isle's docks. Just use common sense and learn realistic Gorean geography.

7. As the above rules show we are a no nonsense Gorean home and we value our time spent in Gor as we respect your time as well spent there so it's all about mutual respect. Respect is earned and we'll give what we get whether a guest or member of the home.

8. All Portal of Dreams site rules apply in the home and can be found by clicking HERE as does the site's Gorean guidelines/rules which can be found by clicking HERE.

And lastly, after PoD Site/Gor rules the High Jarl's word is FINAL in all home matters and rules that come into question.

Complete room rules can be found on the Isle forums by clicking HERE. If you have further questions you may contact the High Jarl via the forums.

The bottom line is to enjoy your Gorean role-play as it was meant to be as is the mission of Isle of Hunjer and PoD Gor.


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