Club Eclipse, home of and hangout of the hottest internet-chatsite radio station that eclipses all others, Eclipse Radio. Club Eclipse is a place where anyone and everyone can come in and just relax with friends, have a drink, and kick back with some awesome music. Everyone is welcome in Club Eclipse whenever they wish whether there are DJ's broadcasting or not, as the music is always on and never stops. Should you wish to book a party or live DJ's for an event at Club Eclipse, please visit the Eclipse Radio Forum link above on how to do that.

Station Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the DJ's are their own and are not necessarily the opinions of Eclipse Radio or Portal of Dreams. - Eclipse Radio Management

Club Eclipse Rules

Portal of Dreams site rules are followed at all times and can be found HERE.

1. No anonymous users, punctuation marks of any sorts, or improper names will be recognized. You will be asked to take one, if not a site moderator will be called.

2. When it comes to open sexual scenes, they're permitted unless the current, on the air DJ, or a PoD Senior Staff is within the Club to say otherwise.

3. Arguing, name calling, flaming, bashing, stalking or harassment of anyone in ANY form. A Site Moderator will be called any time any of such behavior happens.

4. Avatars/Images/Tags: Nudity is allowed within Club Eclipse but please keep it tasteful. No "obvious in your face" genital views, male or female, or a site moderator will be called. If you have to ask then you already know the answer.

5. Above all please enjoy your time in Club Eclipse as that's what it's all about in the end! Thank you from all the DJ's and Staff of Eclipse Radio and Staff of Portal of Dreams!