"Tor, lying at the northwest corner of the Tahari, is the principal supplying point for the scattered oasis communities of that dry vastness, almost a continent of rock, and heat, and wind and sand."Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor, Page 36 


"Tor was, as Gorean cities went, rich, trading city. It was headquarters for thousands of caravan merchants. In it, too, were housed many craftsmen, practicing their industries, carvers, varnishers, table makers, gem cutters, jewelers, carders, dyers of cloth, weavers of rugs, tanners, makers of slippers, toolers of leather, potters, glaziers, makers of cups and kettles, weapon smiths, and many others. Much of the city, of course, was organized to support the caravan trade."
Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor, Page 39 

"Much of the city, of course, was organized to support the caravan trade. There were many walled, guarded warehouses, requiring their staffs of scribes and guards, and, in hundreds of hovels, lived kaiila tenders, drovers, and such, who would, at the caravan tables, when their moneys had been exhausted, apply, if accepted, making their mark on the roster, once more for a post with some new caravan. Guards for these caravans, incidentally, were usually known by, and retained by, caravan merchants between caravans. They were known men. Tenders and drovers, on the whole, came and went. Elaborate random selection devices, utilizing coins and sticks, and formulas, were sometimes used by merchants to assure that applying tenders and drovers were selected, if they were not known, by chance. Tenders and drovers were assured that this was to insure fairness. Actually, of course, as was well known, this was a precaution against the danger of hiring, en bloc, unwittingly, an organized group of men, who might, prior to their hiring, have formed a plan to slay the guards and merchants and make off with the caravan. Tenders and drovers, however, like men generally, were an honest sort." Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor, Page 40

Welcome to City of Tor

The city of Tor is a wealthy city, famed for its multitude of available pleasures, comforts and luxuries. The word "Tor" translates as "bright" or "light." Tor is the principal supply point for the various oasis communities of the Tahari. Thousands of caravan Merchants are headquartered here and much of the city is organized to support their trade. For example, there are numerous walled and guarded warehouses where goods can be stored. There are also many craftsmen and artisans, of various Castes, located in the city, plying their trade. Besides the Merchants, craftsmen and artisans, the city is often filled with visitors from many different cities, either there on business or pleasure. In the city of Tor, the hottest part of the summer is between the Fourth and Sixth Passage Hands. This may be the slowest and quietest part of the year in Tor as few caravans are willing, because of the intense heat, to traverse the Tahari region during this time. Tarnsmen appear to be uncommon within Tor, maybe due to the generally hot climate. When Tarl journeyed to Tor, he did not wish to arrive in the city on tarn as he knew a tarnsman would be conspicuous. If many tarnsmen visited Tor, that would not have been an issue case so seems logical that tarnsmen are uncommon in Tor.

The city of Tor was constructed in concentric circles, broken by many, narrow and crooked streets. This was a function of the radius from the wells. The city's water supply is primarily located in the centre of the city, which is also the most protected area of Tor. A typical well has broad, flat and worn steps, in concentric circles, that leads down to the water. It rarely rains in Tor so water is very precious. The water in Tor, like all of the Tahari, is slightly salty and unclear, yet it is still safe to drink. Despite the scarcity of rain, a number of homes have well-watered gardens. The water for these gardens usually must be carried by chains of male slaves from the wells to the homes, where it will be emptied into house cisterns. Later, house slaves will take water from these cisterns and carefully water the gardens. Water sellers also wander the city streets, carrying a filled verrskin bag with a number of small cups, over their shoulder. A cup of water usually costs one copper tarsk, which is what a cup of paga costs in many cities. Abdul the water carrier, well known in Tor, lives near the east gate which is close to the shearing pens for verr. (Taken from Luthers Scrolls)

The Council of Three
The city of Tor is run by the council of three, all Free persons who make decisions that encompass the city laws and policies. It consists of the Bey of Tor, The Vizier and the High Pasha of the Kavar. In the absence of one of these three men another free will be elected to sit in on the council to assist in passing laws and the general running of the city. The council do not involve themselves with the daily drama of the citizens of the city it is expected that they resolve their differences on their own. Should it not be resolved the city police will deal with the situation and await orders from the council to pass judgement.



Room Rules

  • This is not a safe zone it is Gor, This is a Kill, Capture, Mirror Zone.

  • Prodigy is the combat system in the room, All combat within the home will be judged by the Vizier of Tor completely at his discretion. He will have the final say. If the Vizier is involved in the combat, he will find a judge of his choosing.

  • This is not only an advanced role play room but also a newby friendly room, if you venture in it will be expected that you have read the rules and know what is expected of you. Ignorance is not an excuse you may not like the outcome.

  • There is no OOC recognized in Tor, if you say it you own it. Gorean law prevails.

  • Anything happening in your private messenger does not belong in Gor please leave it there. Anything that happens in IC is handled IC.

  • Anything that happens in Skype or Discord remains there and not in the room or on the forum. Any reference to a skype conversation will not be taken into consideration.

  • Tor is a Merchant city and Merchant law is in effect here. No slaves will be bought or sold unless branded.

  • Please role play the gender you identify with in your RT.

  • Secondary characters are allowed in Tor but must be declared, once again it is not a safe place. A secondary character may not kill a primary character.

  • Free are welcome here to trade and travel. Slaves must be with their owners or with their owners permission or they will be collared to the home.

  • Free Women are welcome here without escort or veiled but they are to act in accordance with their stature, if not you will simply be caged, a missive sent to your home leader to come and collect you and the shame of your action taken back to your home.

  • Panthers or Taluna's will not make it to Tor their areas are too far North and will be unlikely that they could travel this far South without being discovered. Should they manage to get to Tor in disguise they may conduct trade but should they be discovered they will be captured and enslaved.

  • Only fun raids are welcome in this room, 2 entry posts, 5 action posts (not less) 2 exit posts. No killing or captures of any members will be permitted. Max time limit is 60 minutes, prodigy and AR OC combat rules apply the opening posts will determine the combat style.

  • Assasins don't take homestones nor are their caste recognized in the Tahari yet they are permitted to visit. If they need to fulfill a mark in Tor they must make their intentions known to the Vizier with proof before hand in the strictest confidence before permission is granted.

  • Wandering flesh is fair game to collar by a Free of the home only.

  • Messengers are allowed to enter but for the free only, slaves do not get messengers you speak to their owners.

  • Observers are welcome with a proper name with the ~o~ in their tags. They are to remain silent and not interact with anyone in the room. Observers will be allowed three visits only then they will be expected to engage in RP or be forced collared. Any questions will be made to the RC or a Free room member in PM if you speak in open room you make yourself available to be collared. No anonymous, alpha numeric initials or symbols will be allowed and booted on sight without warning. Tor is about role play only and a name must be forthcoming.

  • The girls in the Harem and seraglio belong to the city of Tor should anyone wish to use the girls permission must be obtained from a council official.

  • All PoD Chat and site rules apply. 18+ allowed to enter maximum AV size 800wx550h, no flaming of anyone in or out of character will be tolerated.