The Fae


There are two main divisions of the fae, though even within those subcultures there are different branches. All fae though, are aligned with one of the two courts. The Seelie Sidhe (sometimes categorized as the "good" fae) and The Unseelie Sidhe (Sometimes categorized as the "bad" fae) Though in truth, all fae can be deviant, cruel, malicious, and otherwise mischievious, the Seelie are simply more refined about such things. Within these two classes, different races of lesser fae align themselves.

The Seelie and Unseelie courts are considered the "Royalty" of the Sidhe World. The Unseelie tend to be those that were shunned, or turned away from the Seelie Court. There was a basis of true jealousy and longing for the Unseelie towards the Seelie. Thus comes in the snide bitterness between the two courts. The Seelie are known to be arrogant, conceited, and proud where the Unseelie tend to fall into the darker and more debauched realm of existence.

The Fae are wonderous enigmas to the outside world. Often times, they are regalled by humans especially as idols. They are revered for their beauty and the draw about them. Sometimes this can be a double edged sword though, for in becoming worshipped, they walk the fine line of the laws laid down on them by the government.

Fae and humans can reproduce, thus you get half fae and the like. Think of these much like Greek Mythology with the reproduction of Gods and mortals. You'd get a mere mortal with subhuman gifts or talents.

The Fae are very elemental in nature. Finding their strengths and gifts from the elements such as air, water, fire, earth. Most fae have strong hands of power in one of the elements. For example, certain fae might be more gifted with water magic, or perhaps have an affinity for nature and all living plant-life etc.etc.

Though there are fae that live and exist amongst the every day world, these are a rare few. Most keep within the courts and stay amongst the Seelie and Unseelie mounds. For references stake, here in Obsidian Moon, the fae mounds are rumored to nestle within the Adirondack mountains. No human knows truly of their whereabouts, though some believe they've been taken there before.

The fae use glamour to keep humans, lycans, and vampires from becoming hypnotized and mesmerized by their true appearances. Even the ugliest of fae, is an addictive creature to any that is outside of the fae world. Lesser and weaker fae have a hard time controlling enough glamour to keep from hypnotizing humans, and it is illegal to control a human's mind, so in that respect, often times fae are forbidden to leave the Sidhe mounds until they can be strong enough to control their glamour at least.

The fae are almost -allergic- to Iron. The reason for this is the fact that it is man-made. It weakens them and over time can cause permanent damage. This is mostly the reason that the fae do not stay within industrialized buildings and the like. For those Fae that -do- choose to live amongst the human world, they usually keep some sort of enchanted object to allow them the serenity of their chosen element so they do not became permanently disfigured.

ALL fae are subject to the control and whims of the Queen/King of their respective court. And all lesser fae royalty will answer to the Seelie and Unseelie courts as well.

Fae -cannot- lie. They can decieve, they can play on words, they can trick the mind, but it is impossible for a fae to out and out lie.

Fae are -vain- creatures. It is unthinkable amongst the fae for them not to compliment the beauty in life and in other fae. Even the most bitter of rivals are complimentary and feed the vain egos of each other when greeting and the like. For a fae to -not- comment on another's beauty is considered a slight and the -highest- form of insult.


Lesser Fae

The worker faeries said to clean your house while you sleep. One of their powers includes levitating.

Small, often winged fae ruled by their own Queen. It is said that where the demi-fae travel, faerie follows. The demi-fey seem to have many secrets, one of which is that a few are able to grow larger to become human-size. They are masters of glamour and often appear as birds, butterflies, or other winged insects.

Goblins are considered the foot soldiers of the Unseelie Court since they do most of the fighting during war. Described as intimidating horrific creatures (from a human perspective) the Goblins consider moles and extra limbs and eyes marks of beauty. Goblin society is violent and taking blood and flesh during sex is expected among them. Kingship among the Goblins comes not through inheritance but battle challenge. They consider anything that comes out of the body more valuable than jewels or weapons. It was also an insult if the men did not leer at your women. It implied that she was ugly and infertile. An alliance can be formed with the goblins if the rights of both blood and flesh are invoked. Sex should always be negotiated before starting when dealing with goblins.

the Nameless
It was the last attempt by both courts to keep the courts from dying. Every fae was required to put magic into The Nameless and it was held somewhere within faerie to keep the magic from disappearing. It's a evil manifestation of the powers from all the sidhe combined into one form. It could only be physically seen if it had been hurt because it could move through time and space. This is NOT a played character it is just simply a part of fae lore that should always be remembered in play. All fae had to lose some of their power to The Nameless.

A type of fae that can change shape from a horse to a dog to a human or any mix of the above.

Irish seal fairies. They can step in and out of their skin changing from human to seal form.

A rude name for the lesser Unseelie fae. The Host was a polite phrase. Only the Unseelie could say 'slaugh' and not have it be a mortal insult. Nightmarish creatures, the Sluagh are feared even among the Unseelie where inhumanity is common. The Sluagh are creatures that hunt Sidhe and can be called on by their Ruler to do just that.


Powers and Lore

At this time, we're allowing for creativity when coming up with your fae character's hands of power. All fae have two -major- hands of power and two minor ones. An example of a major hand, might be the ability to contol the wind, causing storms to erupt and thunder and lightning to sound on the air. An example of a minor hand, might be the ability to see through a lie or something of the sort. The options are limitless! When in doubt, go for it, and the room leaders will let you know if anything needs to be tweaked or touched upon!! That's the great part of the fae is their brillance of magical prowess and the ability to be creative and mischievious with them. Like any other character within Obsidian Moon, there will be no god-modding, but the power of magic and the elements is a brilliantly played thing when touched upon.

A lot of the fae's lineage and lore can be tweaked and drawn upon from Celtic Lore. When looking for the inspiration of hands of power, or geneology, you can always research Celtic fae, or Celtic Gods. Even draw inspiration from Greek and Roman Mythology. Be creative! Search around. The Fae are the basis for all Mythology and mysticism so find what calls to you. And when in doubt? Always ask questions!!