Welcome to Kataii

We are a Harigga of reclusive Wagon People

The Wagon Peoples are nomadic, roaming across the vast, grassy prairies of the southern hemisphere. These prairies are largely treeless and often flat though there are some areas of small hills. The prairies teem with wildlife, from deadly prairie sleen, vicious predators, to tiny, brown prairie urts, scavengers. You will also find herds of kailiauk, tumits, and maybe even a larl that descended from the Ta Thassa Mountains. These prairies extend over 2500 pasangs from the coast of Thassa, at the Ta Thassa Mountains, to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range.

WE are a proud Tribe descended from The Mighty

Hakimba, their Ubar, who is a lithe, strong man with brown eyes. Their standard is a yellow bow bound across a black lance. They also commonly carry yellow lacquered shields. Their brand is a bow facing to the left. Kataii are more reclusive than the other tribes, and Kataii are thus rarely seen in the encampments of the other tribes.


NONE get into a Wagon Camp with weapons in hand, and Any who attempt this will simply be ignored or removed.
Permission is required before privately messaging anyone other than the Ubar,Jaru,or the trainers.
Harigga is a Capture - Forced Ko-lar Zone. Ignorance is NO excuse by Members or Guests. Check the website for the rules and make sure you know them.

~o~ is required for observing in safety; participation negates the safety of the ~o~.

Three ignored requests to place ~o~ puts the visitor's safety at risk.

There is no OOC (out of character) here.

Failure to respect the Way abrogates the safety of the ~o~.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Most here do the best they can to follow the philosophy of Gor in their everyday life. This is not roleplay to us.

1. The first rule... NO DRAMA
This is not a general chat room...if that is what you seek there are rooms for that...this is a Gorean role play room...if you bring drama into the room you will be asked to leave if you do not respect the request then you will be booted there will not be a third chance given.
This rule applies to home members and guests alike. If you cause problems, you're gone.

It is not uncommon for open furring to occur in this camp, if you have a problem with this, Portal of Dreams has an IGNORE button... Use it

Rape and torture is also some of the scenes you might experience in this camp, again, if you have a problem with this, refer to the sentence above.

Anonymous names will not be tolerated and instantly booted without warning so pick an appropriate name and all will be fine.

When you enter please role play getting to the camp..remember there are Outriders patrolling the area so do not think you can get by them without being caught...once in the camp you will be expected to greet if there are others about...not greeting will get you booted...if you wish to observe that is fine

Roleplay does not mean sitting around talking about how great we are... find something to do, whether it's chores, furring a slave, getting drunk or annoying the Free Women...remember this is Gor so act like it.

2. Freewomen if you rp into the camp you MUST have Escort in your tags at all times or run the risk of capture

3. This home does not allow dualing, or animal characters of any kind. to enter here as such would mean immediate booting from the home, you have been warned!
Secondary characters are allowed ~ONLY~ if first it is discussed with the Ubar and ok'ed by Him.

4. Wayward slaves or "bare necks" will be immediately captured, secured, and if found worthy collared to the camp. If not, you will be fed to the sleens or become a stable slave to pleasure any who may desire you or be sold... your choice.
Any collared slaves that travel to this camp without their Master will be captured and caged and their owner sent word with ransom demands UNLESS prior arrangements have been made with the Ubar. If not claimed within 3 days the slave will become property of the Ubar and this camp.

5. There is no OOC, if you say it you take responsibility for it. We do not support the use of "old gorean" languages

6.Prodigy is the default combat system here. Raids are not currently accepted. Judgment for any combat will be judged by a person of the room leaders choice.

7. We are "Old Gor" so expect that...remember Gor is Harsh...Gor is unfair...Gor is Gor..