Welcome to The Haven
You have found your way to the hidden sanctuary of the Treehouse.Few know their way to this secluded haven along coastlines just south of the Vosk Delta. The concealed inlet holds a rough worn dock to average gaze, to make those who may accident upon it misjudge the area as abandoned, while being reinforced in steel. A narrow pathway leads up through thick brush and foliage, which one should be cautious as there is a permanent guard which patrols the woods protecting the inner sanctuary of the tree. As well various traps have been devised to be active especially when those are in residence to ensure their privacy.

Winding your way up through the forest pathway you come to a clearing which looks at first like a small encampment, with a pair of firepits, carved wooden benches and target ranges. At times there are racks for hanging fresh meat from hunting. But as you glance to the right you notice a set of rope and board steps winding up around an enormous tree. Which from the look of it could be pulled up and secured from above. Drawing your eyes higher you take in large 2 story treehouse. Each level with a sweeping balcony surrounding it to be able to see from all directions the breathtaking views of the upper canopy.

The view would include the waterfall over rocky cliffs into a hotspring pool below, as well as multiple caverns which may hold more then what they seem. Welcome to the Treehouse, and take your ease.

The Haven