Welcome to the lands of the Ulfur Clan, the people here fight for their heritage and will decimate any that wish to compromise their way of life. On your way in the inlet to the left and right are two signal fires, each equipped with a large horn, to alert those in the homestead.

On your approach there is a small shipyard there, for the ornate work of the craftsman here that take pride in their vessels each inscribed with markings of Odin, Thor and the gods and goddess of old. Throughout that of Vildtrafylke you'll find the blessings that Freya had left so that the people here may flourish and that would be her waterfalls, some great others not as spectacular but still respected all the same.

The Ulfur Clan are known to have the best shield maidens throughout the lands; in the times of family, festival and the blessing of the Gods, you'll hear the joyful music coming from the Great Hall, or the outside sands where we tend to throw down a good fight.

The men and women here of the Ulfur Clan are known to be some of the larger Northern people in all the lands. If you find a short Ulfur, good chance they have southern bloodlines. But the Ulfur is not of blood its of battle and the nature of who we are.

Welcome stranger to Vildtrafylke.”

Vildtrafylke is a small settlement; the large Hall on the Hill notable to those of the Ulfur Clan. The high Jarl of the settlement is often seen in with his people; making sure all those here will survive the winters that have come and gone. Vildtrafylke is 400 pasangs tun of the Isle of Scagnar.

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