Talmont is a large walled town nestled amongst the foothills of the Voltai Mountains. The town lies squarely in the tropics and is about 200 pasangs north of the Equator so it is hot year round here. Talmont is a mining town, its wealth coming from the dozens of iron mines that dot the hills around the town and the many forges and smelteries in the town itself. Merchants come from across Gor to purchase steel ingots from the powerful Metalworkers caste here which rules the town. As a result of all of this industry Talmont lies under a perpetual cloud of black smoke that rises from the hearths and forges. There are no soaring cylinder towers here and all the buildings are coated in a thin layer of soot and ash.

The House of Athuk

The House of Athuk is located in the southern part of the Voltai Mountains, about 40 pasangs to the south-east of the mining town of Talmont. The House itself is a fortress, built on a mountainside plateau. It can be reached only by the Iron Road from the nearby town, or by tarn. The House's location in the mountains gives the rooftop sentries a commanding view over the road. Thus anyone travelling along the road, can be seen several ahn before they reach the House itself. The House is not visible from the nearby town. The House incorporates training facilities, slave kennels, guard barracks, a tarn cot, stables, exercise yard, kitchens and living quarters for the resident slavers.

The House has a sizeable staff of guards and slaves, thus you are rarely actually alone here when indoors, and you are never alone outdoors. Escape for a slave kept at the House is for all intents and purposes impossible. The mountainous terrain makes travel by any means other than the road impossible on foot, and the entrance to the House is heavily guarded at all times (and well lit at night). Anyone managing to get onto the road, would be easily spotted by the sentries and picked up again by the House guards on either kaiila or tarns.

Mirror Zone means that if we can't do it in your home, you can't do it in ours!


1. Free Men are welcome to visit and live in Talmont and they are welcome to visit the House, but if you come to cause trouble, then please don't bother.

2. Free Women are welcome to visit and live in Talmont but they may visit the House only by invitation and with escort (NPC escorts are allowed). Send a messenger ahead of your party to request permission to visit the House. Your Avatar WILL be taken as a direct representation of how your character looks. No flashing of flesh, no earrings, no sexual poses. If you come in here looking like a slave, you can expect to remain here as one.

3. Slaves may not visit this room except with their owners (NPC owners are allowed). Slaves did not travel Gor unaccompanied. If you enter here alone (with or without a collar on your neck), you won't be leaving anytime soon.

4. Male work slaves can be roleplayed in the mines and in Talmont. They may not visit the House. The motto of the House is "Better death for a man than life in a collar". Any man behaving like a slave there, will be killed. Male silk slaves are not welcome in this room.

5. Observers, using an ~o~ after their name, may come in and observe only under the following conditions. They may not take part in any roleplay or post to any in the open room. They may not disrupt the roleplay in any way. They may ask questions in PM if they are respectful and done in a manner that does not disrupt the roleplay. They should at the very least have a name.

6. OOC Comments that are disrespectful or antagonistic will not be tolerated. You will get one warning then you will be booted. Everything said on screen, is taken as in character so watch your thoughts or out of character (( )) comments as if they are rude, disrespectful or just not acceptable then the Room Controller will warn and then boot.

7. Please keep IC and OOC seperate. We consider the typist and character to be seperate here, and we prefer that OOC conversations are carried out in PM or using the specific OOC pulldown provided. Further, we do not consider IM's to be part of Gor, so do not bring issues from those into the room.

8. We use location pulldowns in our roleplay here. A description of each PD location in Talmont can be found HERE. A description of each PD location in the House of Athuk can be found HERE.

9. The Black Caste and the Clan of Torturers are not welcome here. This includes Bounty Hunters.

10. The only reason for Panther Girls/Taluna's to be here is to be in a collar. Talmont & the House are a long way south from the great forests, and a considerable way east from the jungles. Thus if you turn up here, it will automatically be assumed that you have come there deliberately to surrender yourself.

11. Slaves and Visitors cannot roleplay NPC's of the House in a manner that is contradictory to normal behaviour. The guards do not drink alcohol or fall asleep on duty for example. The guards of the House might come from across Gor, but they are sworn to its homestone and are not mercenaries. Their loyalty is to the House, not to money.

12. The House of Athuk does not sell raw captives, so don't ask. We sell only trained slaves, and the Head Slaver of the House will be the sole judge on whether a slave is well enough trained to be sold. If you are a slave here and you want out of the House, train hard, learn well and you will be sold all the quicker. Whining about it will simply earn you a cage in the lower basement... with the urts!

13. Any escape attempt from the House will not be accepted as valid unless at least 1 Free Man of the House is present (and active) in the room at the time of the escape itself. Note that this is a Free Man of the House specifically, not of Talmont.

14. Any combat that takes place in Talmont and/or The House of Athuk will do so under Alter Realms Open Combat rules. Any combat will be judged by the Room Leader or another judge of his choosing unless he himself is involved in the combat, in which case the judging will be carried out by a mutually agreeble third party.

15. No raids are being accepted at the current time, this may change as/when the rooms population improves.

16. This room is MPG/SPG friendly. You are welcomed to play a single player, or multiple ones either in house, or out.

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