The Sugar & Spice LADIES ONLY Room Rules:

Samantha (Room Leader) & Raquelle (Room Mod) welcome you to our room to ENJOY and relax and have fun! The room has a BDSM flavor but that does not mean casual conversation is not allowed. All explicit scening/posting of pics for those interested is to be taken to PM or The Lounge sub-room. The Cages sub-room is in-character roleplay only, consensual-nonconsensual, for serious heavy and harsh "training, displaying, keeping and/or punishing" of the really naughty girls...

You MUST be over the age of 18 & FEMALE ONLY to enter our room! NO cross-gendering allowed, please. (Other "genders" will be politely asked to leave or booted if they do not take the hint). - NO means NO!

Men on PoD Room/Site business are welcome for as long as needed to conduct their business then courteously leave. Thank you!

Please be courteous enough to take any disagreements/drama to PM or another room to resolve so as not to disrupt the chat of others here.

PM's are allowed unless stated in tags that others must ask first, those PM'ing be courteous and respectfull. Room/Site Staff reserves the right to PM at any time on Room/Site business.

All PoD site rules must be followed and, in addition, no male r/p or pics/avatars. Anyone in violation will be warned and then booted depending on the violation and a possible site ban will be seriously considered if necessary!

Have a name proper for the room or be booted after being warned to comply in a timely manner - Enough said!

Lurking is NOT allowed. Respond to the Room Staff if they inquire why you are sitting idle and silent without telling about rt interference or else be booted after a fair couple of warnings.

No avatars over 400x500 pixels in (physical) heightXwidth absolute maximum; so refrain from using the height tag, no gifs/animations or -have mercy- like 500k png file format* avas. Use visible names as a courtesy to those that cannot have pics on because of having a slow/limited bandwidth connection or other reason.
* explanation to that to come soon.

Loving Home of:

*~Raquelle~*, *~Samantha~*, Electra ,

Samantha, Raquelle and Electra welcome you to our LADIES ONLY Room:

The room time is Pacific displayed in 12h format.
Re: leaving messages for others: Please mind the !SUNDAY! nite
(Pacific time) resettings!

The Lounge is still publicly available, whereas the Cages has been made private.
This is a message for O/ones visiting from Chatro...please use standard proper HTML in your chatstring, the weird thingies from Chatro don't work here and often cause problems during chat, like PM posts not going thru. (In that case, leave and re-enter with a proper string). Here is a lil tutorial