As the sun beats down on you, your ship sails toward what seems to be open water, narrowly missing several whirlpools and sand bars. The air shimmers with the heat of day, yet you sail on, believing yourself to be simply running through Thassa. But on the horizon, something looms and as you draw closer to it, you realize that there are several ships of various types and sizes that almost certainly are on patrol. As you pull closer still, you see the flag of blood red adorned with a large skull flying proudly above the Jolly Roger that flutters in the winds beneath it. You've gotten too close to Skull Isle.

Room Rules:

- Skull Isle is an advanced roleplay room.  All Site rules apply here.


- We are a mirror zone, meaning if we can't do it in your home, you can't do it here.


- We are a full kill/collar zone by members only. No poaching permitted here.


- Skull Isle is co-Captained and led by High Captain Song, (Frode of Kassau) and High Captain Malora, (Frode's Mate and lawful Inheritor of the Isle).  They have final word on any decisions to be made here.


- Aside from the High Captains, there is also a Council of Pirates who have specific ranks and duties on the Isle.  Should a problem arise, they will arbitrate and judge as needed.


- YOU MUST RP YOUR WAY IN AND/OR OUT OF THE ISLE. Anyone just poofing in, unless they are a citizen of the Isle, will be warned once.  Should that person ignore the warning or attempt to disrupt roleplay, they will be either summarily ignored or booted if the transgression calls for it.


- The ~o~ tag is permitted and welcome here for those who are not comfortable roleplaying yet but truly desire to learn how the Isle works. Anyone who interacts or otherwise disturbs roleplay in progress, (aside from honest questions being asked), will be asked to leave or will be warned and removed.


- Skull Isle is NOT on any maps for good reason, thus anyone visiting the Isle must have valid roleplayable reason to be here.  Pirates and other Free Trading types would know of the Isle only if directed or told of its existence by a current member of the Council or a current citizen of the Isle, or if they are privy to a trade agreement between the Isle and their own Home.  We don't get many visitors who are here of their own free will.


- Skull Isle is made up of two separate and distinct areas. 


- The main area is a Free Port for Pirates and other nefarious sorts and thus would not be readily accessible, (or accepting) of most Free Women. Free Women visiting this side of the Isle need to have very specific reasons for being there and must be escorted by a LIVE Escort. NPC Escorts do not count and will not be part of any role play there. Free Women must be extremely cautious on this side of the Isle, or they can easily become permanent fixtures of this tropical Pirate paradise.


- The Village is more welcoming to Visitors, both Men and Women. It is a small area where trade is active and the citizens are (usually) friendly. However, being part of a Pirate-owned and operated island,        things can, (and do), happen here. Take that as you will. Free Women would do well to be escorted by live escorts, (though this is not required), and Free Men would do well to mind their business accordingly.


- As this is a tropical location, Free Women are not required to wear veils, nor are they expected to don the several layers that make up Robes of Concealment. Your behavior and your attitude are the key    markers of a Free Woman here. Former slaves would do well to keep a copy of their Papers of Manumission on them at all times, just for the sake of keeping their Free status.


- Slaves of the Isle are expected to be proud, sensual and obedient. While the slaves here are not as rigidly controlled as they would be in most parts of Gor, they are still slaves. Displeasing slaves are either given to the Talunas, sold for a pittance and never permitted to return, or are simply killed and used for bait.


- Roleplay is required here. Want a place to live?  Build it. Want a business? Build it. Just visiting? Have a purpose for the visit and roleplay it. SCRIPTS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.


- Skull Isle has trade agreements in place with several Homes around Gor, and its Traders will often take trips to those places. Please check the agreements listed in the forum to learn more and see what agreements are in place with which Homes.


- Talunas would be occasional trade visitors at the trading point near the sea, and as such will be treated as the Free Women they are. Panthers would not likely be this far south unless in chains. Outlaws are occasionally known to be around, though most likely not in the Village. Wandering slaves, if uncollared, would not be here as it is not possible to get here without being aboard a ship of some sort, and thus will be ignored or asked to take the ~o~ and observe. Collared slaves would not be here without their Owners and will simply be asked to leave unless they have a valid roleplay reason to be here.


- Skull Isle uses the AR Open Combat style. Combatants will agree on a judge before combat begins or One will be chosen for you by the Captains. All duels are permitted here, including death.


- Raids are not accepted at this time.


- Assassins would not know of the Isle's existence, (usually, however a well-roleplayed reason for knowing the Isle's location can be brought to one of the Co-Captains for judgement), thus there will be no taking of marks on the Isle.


- Secondary characters are permitted as long as they are registered to the forum.  Secondary characters cannot kill primary characters.

For further information about Skull Isle and our Laws and Bylaws please check the forum postings.



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