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Shattered Realms

These are rooms where your imagination is your limit. You can be anything you wish to be here, they have been broken down into sections and if they gain in popularity I can break them down even further.
Main room: Modern Earth - for things that happen in every day [example: Breaking Bad, Riverdale, Quantico]
Distorted Reality - for more modern day fantasy roleplay [examples: Zombie, Steampunk, LKH]
Realms of Fantasy - for fantasy roleplay [examples: Dungeons & Dragons, Cursed, Witcher]
Universal - for intergalactic/space roleplay [examples: Star Wars, Firefly]
Historical Earth - for non magical Historical roleplay [examples: viking, pirate, medieval, gangster, plantation]
[ALL references to the various genres are just fan use only, they are copyrighted to their respective owners]


1. By entering Shattered Realms you have confirmed that you are 18 years of age and have read and agreed to ALL the rules. ignorance is no excuse here. By entering Shattered Realms you have rescinded any and all cease and desists on PoD on the room controller or room appointed moderators.
2. Save yo drama for yo mama! I really, really don't want to have to start a ban list. you're supposed to be an adult, act like one. Room controllers and moderators have the right to boot anyone they feel is not following any of the room rules or is harassing anyone within Shattered Realms. If anyone is stalking you, or using roleplay or ooc to bully someone, i urge you to come to me... it will be thoroughly and fully investigated in many different areas and it will be dealt with. I would like this to be a place for people to be creative and enjoy themselves in.
3. Consider this your warning NO anonymous names, dots, letters or the like, room controllers may boot these as they see fit. Take a name, add an o if you are wishing to observe silently, if you don't remain silent you may be included in the roleplay however it pans out for you, or booted if you are disrupting. Please don't interrupt rp in progress, take questions to whispers unless there is no rp in progress. Please take an appropriate name and and join in.
4. Please Sign-up for the boards, make a thread with your name and list your characters in whatever rooms you are wishing to play in, you can include your model, race, stats. This helps everyone to get to know your characters, their abilities and can sometimes help new players to find a place where they can join in.
5. Currently there are no rules against genderbending so long as it is done transparently, especially with the people you are involving yourself with. Sometimes relationships end up forming within our communities and relationships created around lies and deceit never seem to flourish.
6. Currently there are no rules against multiple characters so long as it is done transparently - in tags and a thread on the board. Please keep your list up to date if you are playing characters or not so that you aren't hording models.
7. Combats can be judged if the parties require such. for melee, prodigy might be the best. for other combats there might be another form of judgement used, or dice rolls. yet to be determined.
8. This is an adult site. disturbing, graphic & intense scenes may happen. There will be absolutely NO underage minors permitted in the room, no rp involving minor characters/NPCs and no minors in avs or memes. There may be same sex scenes here. When dealing with the Historical aspect of the room, there may be scenes involving racism, bigotry, inequality or slavery, [such as plantations, women's sufferage, etc]. if any of this bothers you by all means feel free to ignore it/place people on ignore/or avoid that room all together.
9. No one likes someone who is invincible but can do whatever they please. This really is not fun for anyone, so no Godmode, force posting please.

Room Controller: ravish
[Please contact me if you need any pulldowns/boards/rooms]

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