Welcome to the Schendi Sanctuary, located within the Jungles of Schendi


The Sanctuary lies a good distance away from the Port of Schendi, and sits between isolated trading communities that are the various villages in the Jungle. The Port of Schendi is located on the peninsula banks of Thassa.

Most visitors know they getting closer to the harbour of Schendi simply from the brown waters stained from sediment, the rotting vegetation and spices that flow from the Kamba and Nyoka rivers, both of which exit at Schendi.

Schendi is a major export hub of Gor. When you travel through the jungles, the communities around the animal sanctuary will be found trading, fruit, wood, as well selling little animals and items made from sapphire. Some may also be found trading in kanda.

The Villages around the sanctuary have an uneasy understanding with the Port of Schendi, but do trade with each other. There are various routes through the Jungle that will provide easy.. well if you know how to get through the jungles that is, so somewhat easy access to the villages.

There are paths through the forests, various landings upon the river banks for boats, and in some areas of the Jungle, there are landing areas for tarns close to villages, which allow for loading and unloading large shipments of goods.

It should be noted that visitors and traders not known to the communities within the jungles are noted early and observed closely. The villages have a network of patrols and guards that will challenge visitors, but are reasonable. If you have a reason to be visiting, you will be treated with courtesy, and shown to your destination, and helped with any shipping or trade.

If you have gotten lost, you will be shown back on to the right path and given directions.

If you are in the Jungles for malicious intent, you will be captured and caged, or even killed. But you will NOT go unnoticed, no matter how hard you try

Room Rules:

  • All PoD Chat rules apply.
  • Entering the Schendi Sanctuary is considered acceptance of all rules and all rulings made by Nightfall. His word is final
  • The most imporant rule is no drama.  This is a Gorean roleplay room, if you are having OOC issues there is discord, skype, Board PMs or even email. Take your problems there, and don’t make your problems OUR problems
  • You are still responsible for everything you say whether in character or out of character. This means that you are responsible for every word you speak, whether you said it while in-character or claiming out-of-character. You will be held accountable in-character.
  • Thought posts can be detected and understood by reading body language. If you think it you own it.
  • Be respectful of your fellow role players and room Mods. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind including expressions of bigotry, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia. Remember the old saying – it's nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice
  • The Sanctuary is a roleplay room. It may focus on being an animal sanctuary but there is work to be done around it – it is not a petting zoo for people to be sitting around a campfire, drinking blackwine and stroking the animals!
  • The Sanctuary will be a newbie friendly home, please do not be afraid to come and ask questions!
  • Visitors are welcome. The use of the ~o~ is honored. Visitors may observe or remove it and join in the role-play.
  • The observer tags are to be used for those who would like to learn about the home or those new to Gor.  Once someone interacts in the Sanctuary or begins to roleplay, the observer tag is no longer valid
  • We have a no lurking policy here. This is a home for roleplay.
  • Anonymous names are not allowed.  Please take a Gorean name or you will be removed
  • Anyone who has a C&D in place on them by any member of the Sanctuary is not welcome. They will be removed immdiately and the infringement reported to PoD site admin
  • This home is a SPG home. If you are normally someone who adopts multiple characters, you are welcome to roleplay in here with ONE character.  Roleplaying while using more than obe character will not be allowed. If it is found that you are using more then one character in the Sanctuary, you will be warned once, then booted on site after that if you continue to do so.  NPC's can be used to enhance roleplay. We want to give everyone a fair chance – please respect that
  • Cross gender roleplay is allowed, but please be upfront and honest with your roleplay partner about it.
  • Messengers will come in yellow sashed and fully tagged. They will indicate who their message is for, deliver it and then leave. Messages are not sent to slaves – a messenger will speak to a slave’s Owner, and if the Owner is not present, then the Room Leader will be spoken to instead. If the Room Leader is not present, a Free person of the home will be spoken to
  • Roleplay your way into the home properly. We respect the concept of distance in Gor and do not subscribe to the “teleporter” method of transport that many seem to favour in Gor currently. Proper roleplay posts into the Sanctuary are needed if you are not of the Home and coming for a visit.  There will be Guards checking you on your way in – nyour approach will not go unnoticed
  • if you are coming by water and hitting the docks, two posts will be needed before you reach the village area
  • Arriving at the tarn cots will be two posts
  • though the jungles will be three posts
  • This is a peaceful home where we want people to be welcome and feel welcomed. ALL weapons are to be surrendered at the gates of the Sanctuary, without exception. If you are subsequently found to be moving around the Sanctuary with a weapon, it will be deemed as a hostile act and you will be dealt with in the harshest terms with no further warning. Guards (NPCs) will help defend the Home, members, and property of the Home in the event of any aggression. They cannot be used to kill but can be used to capture, which may lead lead to firther action being taken by the Owner of the Sanctuary at his discretion
  •  All fights will be judged by a mutually agreed upon judge or the room owner. If agreement cannot be reched on a mutually agreed judge, then it will be judged by the Room Leader with no further discussion
  • Any death that occurs inside the boundaries of the Sanctuary will be determined valid or not ONLY by Nightfall and no one else
  • Free Men will play their caste.
  • Assassins are not permitted to carry out hits here. However, they are welcome to visit the Sanctuary for trade purposes, or even to seek a bed for the night as they travel on their way elsewhere
  • Free Woman may visit the home unescorted, butact and behave like Free Woman.  Failure to do so will result in caging.  
  • The Sanctuary is located within the Forests of Schendi, so we expect Panthers and outlaws to roam the forests. We respect your right to roleplay as long as you behave within reason for your role. One further note – we hope that any Panther or outlaw living in the forests will look to foster cordial relationships with the Sanctuary and can trade with us, or even shelter with us when needed. In return, we would hope that no harm would seek to be done to any members of the Home. If there is, expect the most severe of consequences in return
  • We are not accepting raids at this time
  • Collared slaves may visit with their Owners permission.
  • Slaves will be respectful to each other. Squabbling among slaves will not be permitted, and neither will slaves purposely instigate arguments with other slaves. Any slave doing so may be subject to release or even fed to the sleen pack
  • Slaves can visit for up to two hands without commitment to the Sanctuary before their visitation rights are made permanent.  We understand selecting a home can be difficult and we are flexible within reason. This choice works both ways – it allows you to decide whether the Sanctuary might be right for you, but also allows US to decide on whether you would be the right fit for our Home as well
  • Any collared slave not of the Home, who is rude or disruptive, will be dealt with and caged, regardless of whether they are owned or not. If owned, a message will be sent to their Owner with the reason why they have been caged. The Owner will have three days to claim their slave back by visiting the Sanctuary in person or sending a Free representative in their place. If the slave is not claimed in that time, the slave will become the property of the Sanctuary and a decision on their future (or lack of one!) will be decided by Nightfall
  • Only members of the Sanctuary may collar slaves in here
  • The Sanctuary sits very near to the Equator of Gor, and is not run explicitly in Northern or Southern ways. There may be elements of both cultures. Essentially, we run the Sanctuary in the way we see appropriate
  • If you visit the Sanctuary, please remember that you need to adjust any of your thoughts and mannerisms to respect OUR ways and rules. We want to be fair and welcoming, but if you are looking to impose your values and way of roleplaying on us where it differs from our philosophies, please find somewhere else to visit. Gor is wide and varied with many different attitudes of what it should be – we are sure that somewhere there will be a place to suit you
If there is an issue with anyone while visiting the Sanctuary, please feel free to PM either Nightfall or Rowena to see if can get things resolved peacefully and quickly


"Much of Gor was terra incognita. Few knew well the lands on the east of the Voltai and Thentis ranges, for example, or what lay west of the farther islands, near Cos and Tyros. It was more irritating, of course, to realize that even considerable areas of territory above Schendi, south of the Vosk, and west of Ar, were unknown." — Explorers of Gor, page 16.
"We had lain to after more closely approaching the port of Schendi in the evening of the preceding day, the day in which we had seen the fleet of the black slavers, of Schendi. We could see the shore now, with its sand and, behind the sand, the dense, green vegetation, junglelike, broken by occasional clearings for fields and villages. Schendi itself lay farther to the south, about the outjutting of a small peninsula, Point Schendi. The waters here were richly brown, primarily from the outflowing of the Nyoka, emptying from Lake Ushindi, some two hundred pasangs upriver." — Explorers of Gor, page 104