Olafson Steading


Our Steading is guarded by my men, who are professional raiders and killers. All of which is oversaw by Sharky. A man who is deeply loyal to Us.

Messengers must be In Character and wearing a yellow sash. If you do not follow this you will be asked to fix it. Or, we will remove you from our Steading.

Ollie will make final judgement on all Role Play that occurs within Our home.

Slaves visiting without a Free are subject to collar, unless prior arrangement has been made by Ollie Olafson.

Anons will be given one chance to take a name . If they donít they will be booted.

Visiting Fw are subject to the laws of the Steading and must mind their manners or they will find themselves within the bond circle.

This is a Members Only Kill / full capture / full collar zone. It is also a mirror zone . That means if you canít do it in your home donít expect to do it here.

All combat that happens in the Steading will be done in prodigy or Isle Combat. If you do not know this, check Isle Of Scagnarís Website.