The Torture Room

So you have decided to venture into my little corner of the world for what ever reason you have come to me. Well A fair warning to any and all I am not always a sweet and tender one. I am also known to be something born of a person worse nightmares. I am mother to some, sister to others, friend and lover to a few, and even a servant to one or two but no matter what I am in my heart I am still the one who will call on the night to bring about the fears others never thought existed. So come play in my little corner of the world and see what happens of you. You never know what I will be. We are different things to different people but in the end we are all one and we are strong in our hearts. So if you decide to come and play do make sure your health and life insurence are paid up in full cause you never know you might need one or both. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA