A backdrop of the medical community, intrigue, forbidden taboos and the lives of the people that pull it all together. The heart of the city, Mercy Memorial Hospital. The hub of the community with its tendrils slithering over near scalding asphalt and concrete, a Metropolis of over 3 million people. From the echelon of the medical community, to tattoo parlors, seedy bars, ritzy nightclubs, biker clubs, police and anything else a city this size might provide the imagination.


1. All PoD Site rules are in effect here.

2. if you are an anon, then you're also irrelevant and will not be acknowledged.

3. SSC BDSM and sexual scenes might be posted out loud here and are encouraged. If that's not something you desire to see, then this is not the room for you.

4. Secondaries are allowed of course. Gor has no place here so keep Your's, ON Gor.

5. Drama-free zone. Leave it at the door or in your messengers. It is not welcome here and will get you kicked out without warning.

6. Dolorian, the room leader, must approve all characters before full room member status is granted.

7. No kills of actively played characters unless agreed upon by both players. NPCs may be killed freely.

8. Keep it real. Keep it free of outside drama. Have fun. Don't be a cunt.

9. Dolorian's word is final in all things here. Don't like it, feel free to leave at any time.