Welcome to Meadville

This is the private home and trading station for Lara of Torvaldsland

Please read the following rules before entering.

Room Rules

  • All PoD Site Rules apply.
  • Prodigy is the default combat system. There must be a minimum of 2 fighting men of the home present before any combat/capture attempt can begin.  All fights within the home will be judged by a mutually agreeable judge between those involved.  All other squabbles will be handled by the RC.
  • Raids of any sort are currently not accepted.
  • We are a safe trading zone for people who want to buy or trade for the best mead in all of Gor.
  • Messengers must wear their proper Gorean name. Please do not come in as just Messenger.
  • Observers are welcome, if you interact, then you are no longer observing and will be subject to the whims of the owner.
  • Secondary Characters are allowed, as long as it's stated who your primary is in your tags.
  • Assassins can come buy my mead, but no hunting in my house.
  • Have Fun!