Situated 900 pasangs upriver from the Laurius Exchange Point lies the Laurius River Logging Camp. Perhaps, the only bit of civilization in the long river trek from the Exchange to the River-De-Bois. Surrounded by lofty trees, the hearty men and women make their living through the lumber market. Axes chopping into trees and the sound of the whine of saw blades at the saw mill slicing through thick logs continues for as long as the sun is in the sky. Life is rough and ready here away from the comforts of city life and the strictures of civilization. The air is crisp and clean and the forest full of danger. The Camp is one of the last few settlements before you reach the deep wilds of the Northern Forest. Come here to work, vacation or stay! The adventure of a Gorean lifetime is here.

Please note: it takes about 2 minutes to read an entry page. Entering the room means that you have read and understand the rules. Claiming ignorance of the rules will not protect you, be you Free or slave.


** While LRLC is SPG, we welcome any player, MPG or SPG, to visit and trade **

1. All PoD rules will apply and be adhered to.

2. Some OOC is allowable. Funny shit happens and you need to have the freedom to lol and/or make it more fun. Please limit it and don't allow it to interupt RP extensively.

3. Observers are allowed as long as the rules for such are followed. Please use an appropriate name, an ~o~ is no real protection but it will let us know you are an observer. Do not hide behind it. If you insert yourself into the role-play in any aspect, you are no longer considered merely an observer.

4. Please roleplay. Sitting at the fire all the time being chatty and flirty may be part of roleplay but, certainly not all of it. Get up off your ass and do something. We won't kick you out for it but, it does ruin the concept of a Gorean room and if you do it, others will follow. Even Torvies did more than swill mead and fondle bonds. Hone your craft.

5. LRLC has it's own Combat System.  Please read the rules for combat before fighting begins, so you know what to expect and how to use it. PoD raid rules are observed here, with one exception.  Fighting men do not have to be present for a raid to occur.  Just be wary of our ladies, they can be feisty and have been known to capture a few raiders on their own from time to time. 

6. Thought posts are not accepted as role play. But, if you are *thinking* rude and abusive comments/thoughts towards another be ready to own your crappy behavior and pay for it. Emotions can be read through body language and on a person's face. Saying my face was very calm but, I was thinking *fuck you very much* isn't going to cut it. Don't do it or be ready to face the consequences without drama or whining.

7. FM, FW, and slaves are all welcome here. FW do not need an escort NPC or otherwise to be safe. Uncollared slaves are considered Free, with or without capital letters on their names, but, if you walk in calling people Master/Mistress or act in any other fashion slave like, including your avatar you will be expected to be caged or collared. If you would like to observe and get to know the home or feel of it better, then just ask if you can watch and learn. Collared slaves must have permission from their Owners to visit. If there is no permission the slave will be caged and the Owner notified. If said Owner does not come to collect Their slave within a hand, the slave will be auctioned off. If no one bids on the slave, the slave becomes the property of the Camp. Members of Camp only may collar in Camp, if you feel a slave is to good to pass up while visiting, you can cage it and wait for a member of the home to discuss options.

8. Members and visitors alike will not pressure others for rt information or interaction of any kind. If you are making a member or guest of the home uncomfortable, you will be asked to stop, if you cannot comply you will be booted from the room. If the behavior continues after that, you will earn a ban from the room.

9. Slaves are responsible for their own behavior here. We don't care who your owner is or if they get mad at your treatment. If you are being a disrepectful tool, you will get beaten, whipped, chained, caged, or whatever else the insulted Free deems necessary including death. Slave fights are allowed. Slaves are men and women and sometimes men and women get into physical battles. The Free ignored them. If there does happen to be a slave that is consistently bullying other slaves you will be noticed. Watch your step. Slaves will be expected to work. This is a logging Camp and sitting around gabbing is not going to happen. If you have finished chores for the day/hand find something fun to do. Swimming, fishing, going for a walk. No sitting around. Slaves working together is an awesome thing. Try it.

10. Free- if you so choose to punish a slave that isn't yours, and you anger another Free in the process, be ready to deal with the fallout. A fight can break out here at any time and will be judged by our combat rules.

11. Outlaws and panthers are welcomed and allowed here. We are in the forest after all.

12. This is a Gorean roleplay room. Violence and sex either outloud or privately will happen. If you don't care to see it, hit ignore or leave. Free females do not get the option of sex outloud whether inside a cabin or in the forest. If you so choose to, be ready for a collar.

13. If you come here for a visit, remember it is not YOUR culture that needs to be respected, but ours. So don't cry if you don't get called Master or High Muckity Muck. The slaves here use the word Jarl.

14. Have fun! :-)


Combat here can only end in one of three ways:

1. Those of the home are incapable of continuing the fight (because they are dead, or disabled)

2. The invaders are incapable of continuing to fight (because they are dead, or disabled)

3. Both sides are unwilling to continue the fight

That's it. Those are the only ways the battle can end. Either side is dead or disabled (that means critically injured), or both sides have decided the fight is over, and it has to be both sides for that one.

Suppose one side decides they are done. They are giving up, they surrender. The other side DOES NOT have to accept this surrender, so they continue fighting. Well guess what? Better defend yourself then, or die.

Well wait? What if the other side decides to simply flee?

Then we say, better run fast, for we will pursue.

So that's it. the battle will continue until both sides give up, or death, or critical injury happens.

So with that, these are Our Combat Rules.

1. Combat will consist of as many posts as it takes to finish, whether it be death, disablement, or draw.

2. Combat posts will be comprised of five actions. With alternating posts/rounds. You can use these actions as you wish, all defense, all attack, or a combination of the two.

3. To attack, you must state a target, and the attack must be more than five words per sentence, and at least three sentences. Both the attack and defense portions of the post must be as clear as possible. This doesn't have to be flowery and full of fluff, but a clear description of your actions/movements is a must.

4. If you fail to recognize an attack directed at you, or fail to defend, then that attack is assumed to have connected, and the aggressor reserves the right to call the hit.

5. The defender must have ICly acknowledged the existence of the aggressor at some point in the transcript. This proves that the defender is at least OOCly aware of the aggressor's intentions. It also prevents the aggressor from "beating a blind horse".

6. Force posts may be called upon defenders who fail to meet the prep/initial count requirements for the action they are trying to perform, or completely fail to acknowledge the attack if they have acknowledged the aggressor.  Actions such as speaking ICly, or performing actions not related to responding to the attack are such examples.

7. Force posts/blows/hits MAY NOT be called for mortal strikes. Such tactic renders the defender dead without a chance to counter and goes against the spirit of role-playing.  There is an exception to this.  Read below.

8. There is no default time limit. This does not mean you can wait 30 minutes before posting though. Posts must be made within a reasonable amount of time. This means if you haven't posted within 20 minutes, you will be considered disabled and dying. A death blow can then proceed.

9. Combatants may be equipped with any amount of weaponry that is realistic for them to carry. i.e.; Glaive, yari, katanas for Ashigaru, short sword, spear, dagger, shields, etc.

10. A dice roll shall be made prior to every post being made, with the exception of the originators initial attack, or opening stance if you will. This roll shall determine the strength and effect of your defense.

11. A dice roll shall be made after every post made, with the exception of the final death or draw post. This roll shall determine the strength of your attack.


  • Combatant A - makes initial/opening attack - rolls 1d20 to determine attack strength
  • Combatant B - rolls 1d20 - dice roll of 13 - defense strength 13 - makes attack/defense post

12. Combat is capable of being done via NPC Proxy, thus enabling everyone to experience the fun of Gorean combat, or in this case, defend the home. What this means is, that a Free or slave from LRLC, could very well make the posts via third person role play posts, describing what they “see”. They could be witnessing the way one of the men from the home engages in battle against the opponent. It is not them fighting, it is someone in their home or ownership doing the battle that they are describing, or witnessing.

13. The standard dice roll before and after each post shall be one(1) - twenty(20) sided die (1d20). The goal is to get a higher number than your opponents corresponding die roll. The greater the gap, the greater your attack or defense.

  • If an attack for a stab at the chest rolls a 10, the defense roll must equal a 10 or higher in order to completely block the blow.
  • A disparity within three numbers below (7-9) will mean that you took a little bit of damage, but you mostly blocked it.
  • A disparity of four - six below the attack roll (4-6) means the attack mostly landed but not completely as intended.
  • A disparity of seven or greater (1-3) means the attack landed fully as intended and as described.

For a Draw, or if both parties wish to cease, the following points will be used to determine the winner.

Wounds & Points:

1 point awarded for every mostly landed blow.
2 points awarded for every blow landed fully and as intended.
1 point awarded for every completely blocked attack.
1 point deduction for every post violation. (This means if your post has three words, then it's a deduction)

1. The manner in which a fighter made an attack or executed a block must be realistic and reasonably worded to be clear in the intent. If a dice roll is perfect, but the attempted attack or defense is not
possible to be realistically executed, the dice roll shall be over ruled. Realism shall trump the dice every time.
  • If a post would previously be awarded a point for landing a full attack, but
    the official rules that the attack would not have been possible, the point shall
    not be awarded.
2.Clarity is important, but not overly anal. If you can understand their intent for the wording, that is enough.