"Male and female outlaws do not much bother one another at the exchange points. They keep their own markets. I cannot recall a case of females being enslaved at an exchange point, as they bargained with their wares, nor of males being enslaved at their exchange points, when displaying and merchandising their captures. If the exchange points became unsafe for either male or female outlaws, because of the others, the system of exchange points would be largely valueless. The permanency of the point, and its security, seems essential to the trade."

- Hunters of Gor

From the depths of the Northern Forests or from a boat, small ship, or ferry on the Laurius River, you have arrived at an exchange point several hundred pasangs up the river from Lydius and gleaming Thassa.

Here, slaves are often found for sale, captives taken by Outlaws and Panther Girls, whether wandering strangers or former comrades who for whatever reason were found lacking by those who live freely in these forests. Betrayal and intrigues abound in the forests; who can say for certain how slaves find their way to the A-frames where they are put on display for those traveling up and down the river? It is a humiliating end, that much is certain, and slaves are sold for any price, great or small. Panther Girls are the main traders here and will usually bring slaves, furs, and other products of the forest to trade for goods that are not readily available, such as steel arrowheads, spearheads and knives, collars, chains, slave traps, candies, brushes, mirrors, and many other useful items.

Each trader, no matter their allegiances inside or outside of these forests, are wary of other outlaws, but trade and commerce are powerful motivators in bringing two opposing sides together. Whatever the opinions each has of the other, the peace here is kept, and negotiations and trade are conducted with respect...or not at all.

Laurius Exchange Point Rules

1. The LEP is a No Kill/Capture/Collar/Raid zone for the outlaws and traders who frequent the exchange point. HOWEVER, unescorted free women and slaves have no business wandering this far into the Northern Forest and may be captured under Alter Realms Combat Rules.

2. All captures in the Exchange will be properly and fairly role-played. The first trader who posts to the unescorted free woman or slave has rights to finish the capture.

3. If the parties involved are unable to agree on a judge, the combatants may seek the ruling of one of our Gorean Site Judges. The first site judge available and willing will decide the matter. All rulings are final.

4. The peace of the LEP WILL be maintained. Offensive, boastful, insulting, or abusive language and violence or threats of any kind (aside from the valid capture of wandering free women and slaves) will will result in automatic booting!

5. Be on the LEP pull-down for Trading/Bartering ONLY! This is not a location for idle socialization and "hanging out." Traders may chat during transactions, but none who are here for the business of trading may stay and chat once business is concluded. This means that bantering in an in-character, Gorean manner while conducting business or waiting for all traders to arrive is acceptable, but once business is concluded, all parties will disperse immediately for other pull-down locales.

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