About the Blood People
And then I saw the first of the outriders, moving toward me, swiftly yet not seeming to hurry. I saw the slender line of his light lance against the sky, strapped across his back. I could see he carried a small, round, leather shield, glossy, black, lacquered; he wore a conical, fur-rimmed iron helmet, a net of colored chains depending from the helmet protecting his face, leaving only holes for the eyes. He wore a quilted jacket and under this a leather jerkin; the jacket was trimmed with fur and had a fur collar; his boots were made of hide and also trimmed with fur; he had a wide, five-buckled belt. I could not see his face because of the net of chain that hung before it. I also noted, about his throat, now lowered, there was a soft leather wind scarf which might, when the helmet veil was lifted be drawn over the mouth and nose, against the wind and dust of his ride.......the rider placed himself, reining in suddenly, pulling the mount to its hind legs, and it reared snarling against the bit, and then stood still, its neck straining toward me. I could see the long, triangular tongue in the animal's head, behind the four rows of fangs.
The rider, too, wore a wind scarf. His shield was red. The Blood People, the Kassars.
Nomads of Gor, Pgs. 11-12
The Kassars...

The Blood People. Marked by the fearsome standard of a three-weighted bola hanging from a lance. Crimson shields and helms galore. You find yourself in our land, and if you are a stranger, it serves you to be wary.

The Warriors...

Every man of the plains is a warrior, and this holds especially true among the Blood People. Their red lacquered shields and helms reflect the light from Father Sky in a hellish glow.

The Herd...

The might of the stampede can be heard from pasangs away. Raiders of the other Wagon Tribes, and a menace to the City of Turia. They will bathe in your blood. The Kassars are upon you.

Entry Rules
  • This is meant to be an advanced RP room. While we will not turn away new people entirely, they will have to learn very quickly to keep pace. In order to enter our room, please read and adhere to the rules to the right. Ignorance will be no excuse, and those not complying with them will get booted. This is your one warning.

  • Anyone not of the plains is required to make a minimum of 5 posts on one of the "General Travel" PD's in the list. The only ways to travel are on foot, via kailla, or with a wagon pulled by a team of bosk. There is nothing documented of tharlarions or tarns going this far. Additionally, tarns would be a great risk to the herd. Therefore, anyone attempting to arrive by tarn will be instructed to enter again via land. There are no rivers or seas large enough for ships, so arriving by water is not plausible.

  • It is best to arrive when a Free of the room is present to narrate you into the room. If this cannot be done, post a script of your arrival to our forums. You have not arrived to the camp until a Free member of the camp acknowledges your arrival.

  • All persons ignoring these rules and simply arriving in camp will be booted.

  • To those of the wandering slave type: It is not plausible to just wander into our camp. If you'd like to find a way to join our RP, put on a cheerio and PM a Free member of the camp. Wandering in lost will likely simply have you killed for your intrusion in our lands.

General Rules
  • Storylines: This is meant to be and advanced RP & storyline driven room. We do not want people that cannot contribute in some fashion. Mindless chore robots, or people that just want to sit around and drink paga and fuck all day are not wanted here. There are plenty of other rooms to suit your tastes to that end, so please save us all a lot of time.

  • Clans: Everyone will be required to adhere to the Clan system of the Plains if they live here. Outsiders taken into the Tribe will be expected to adhere to this, and rp out proper mentoring into their clan of choice. There will be nobody in this camp that dresses like or holds a clan of an outsider. No exceptions.

  • Observers: Observers are permitted with some kind of proper name and an observer tag. Anonymous names are not permitted and will be booted on sight. If you wish to observe, follow our rules.

  • Messengers: Messengers must be properly RP'd out to arrive. Slaves may not get messengers. If you have an OOC inquiry, simply throw on an observer tag and ask your question/deliver your message that way.

  • Assassins: They do not operate this far South and may not take marks here.

  • Panthers/Talunas: There is no plausible reason for a Panther or Taluna to traverse Gor to come here. They will be booted.

  • MPG: This is an MPG room. While not ALL members of this home utilize it, we welcome those that would like to explore different roles. We don't care how many MPG's you have so long as you can participate in our stories and contribute to our home.

  • NPC Use: Only room members can use our NPC's.

  • Collaring Slaves: Only room members can collar slaves in our room.

  • OOC: Occasional moments are fine, but if someone asks for OOC to go to PM to accommodate rp, comply. Anyone found using OOC to avoid IC consequences will get warned once, and banned for a week on second offense. Third offense, you are no longer welcome here.

  • Drama: I see nearly every room on this site saying drama will not be tolerated, and yet... it exists. I am going to keep it simple. Anyone that comes here with cross-character, OOC, or other kinds of drama will get ONE warning. If the drama continues, you will not be permitted to RP here. We do not care if you hate a certain person, or think something of another. Keep your toxicity to yourself and rp. If you cannot, do not enter this room.

  • Ban List: You can find our Ban List HERE. If you are on it, please do not enter our home.

The Blood People use Prodigy for one-on-one combat and PoD 3 part combat rules for OC.