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+ This is a FREE FORM supernatural // fantasy room. Keep it within the genre, humans are always welcome.

+ No model claims or character sheets.

+ Strong themes involving death, violence, and sex will happen. While viewer discretion is advised, we understand not everyone is comfortable with such themes and fade to black can easily be used.

+ General powers are allowed. If a player vs player fight ensues you will be asked to give a write up of your powers to a council member for review prior to the fight. The Room Council has final say over deaths.

+ Keep avatars under 650[H] x 950[W] and please make sure if there is nudity that it is kept tasteful.

+ Please keep OOC to a minimum while roleplay is going on. We also ask that you do not wear any OOC tags unless everyone is OOC or an OOC event is taking place.

+ Anonymous names will be removed from the room, take a proper name and act like you want to stay awhile.

+ Respect your fellow roleplayers, anyone being an asshole for the sake of being one will be removed.

+ God modding, metagaming, and force posting will not be tolerated. Know the difference:

God Modding:
 Is not accepting damage at all. If you're going to dish out damage, accept it yourself, and keep the posts on a one to one ratio.

Is a term which describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the roleplay to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.

Force Posting: 
In this room, force posting is posting two or more posts before someone can reply.

+ All POD rules apply.

+ HAVE FUN! This is the most important rule of them all.

The Damned: