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Cut-Throat Tavern and Inn

A friendly place -mostly- for the weary traveler or hunter to have a drink. Enjoy a slave girl -for a price!- or throw some dice. Just mind your manners, Stranger.

We had taken the Tesephone from the wharves of Laura, and ascended the river some twenty pasangs. It was there, on the north bank, that we made our camp. Above Laura the river is less navigable than below, particularly in the late summer
-- Hunters of Gor

Room Rules:

This is a  Kill/ Capture/ Force Collar Room and Mirror Zone. If it's NOT done in your home, NOT happening here.

RC has final say in All matters.

Membership is granted by Sachren or Sylen:

Prodigy is the combat system to be used in the room: Any disputes, the RC has final say. If the RC is involved a mutually agreed upon judge will be used.

All PoD Chat and site rules apply. You must be 18+ to RP here.

There is to be NO Drama. There's No OOC/ Messenger/ Skype/ Discord to be brought into RP.

Messengers must use your Gorean name. 

Anonymous/Lurkers/ Observers are NOT welcome here. This is your warning, you will be booted.

Don't be rude and PM without asking.

Outlaws/ Panthers: Your coin is good here and trade is welcome as well

Assassin's: There's no hunting this far North.

FW: An escort is required since this is a tavern as well as an Inn.  NPC is not acceptable.

Visiting Collared slaves: There's no such thing, as slaves wouldn't wander or be beamed from one home to the next. Owners must be present.

Only Room Members may collar a slave in C-T. Slaves collared within the Tavern/Inn  will be placed in a C-T collar.

We will use Story Teller mode and NPC's to enhance and add to RP. The RP of animals is allowed by members of the home and they can't KILL or MAIM a played character.

At this time we wont be accepting any Raids.

Gender- Be open with your partners.

No Chara Crossing

Duallers are NOT welcome.

Secondary Character's are allowed here.


"Not everyone has a Home Stone," I said.
"Beasts, misfits, vagabonds, exiles, repudiated men, scoundrels, outlaws, and such," she said, and then, lowering her voice, whispered, "and perhaps Priest-Kings."
Smugglers of Gor Book 32 Page 159

"What do you want?" asked the carrier of wood, who must now have noticed that my shield and accouterments bore no insignia, and would have concluded that I was an outlaw.
Outlaw of Gor Book 2 Page 28

The peasant on Gor does not fear the outlaw, for he seldom has anything worth stealing, unless it be a daughter. Indeed, the peasant and outlaw on Gor live in an almost unspoken agreement, the peasant tending to protect the outlaw and the outlaw sharing in return some of his plunder and booty with the peasant. The peasant does not regard this as dishonest on his part, or as grasping. It is simply a way of life to which he is accustomed. It is a different matter, of course, if it is explicitly known that the outlaw is from a city other than one's own. In that case he is usually regarded as an enemy, to be reported to the patrols as soon as possible. He is, after all, not of one's city.
Outlaw of Gor Book 2 Pages 48 - 49


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