Forum Banned Map of Turia Rules

The Rules

All Site rules apply to this room, no exceptions to be made.

1) Please be respectful to everyone in both roleplay and ooc. I will not tolerate disrespect from anyone
All Site Rules apply to this room

2. Only surrounding area's like the Plains, Kargash, Kamras and Turmus can Raid Turia. Must have an active room in which Turia can retaliate.

3. Assassin's can Hunt in Turia - Must be Marked. Script of Kill will be judged by Administrator. (IF the Adminsitrator is the mark, discussion of judge will happen after) Combat rules applied by room administrator must be adhered to for a successful Kill.

4. Free Women don't need to be veiled in Turia. Keep your aves respectful, no clevage, no pierced ears, dress appropriately if you want to be taken seriously. Turia values and appreciate its Free Women whom are encouraged to become business owners and achieve their familiy status.

5. Stray slaves are subject to capture by anyone at any time. Not necessarily by members. City slaves are protected, they cannot be stolen, they cannot escpae and will be handled accordingly. If there is planned role play - make sure you let a city Member know before hand. We in Turia welcome various types of writing from various types of people. Open communication and cooperation is very important.

6. New writers friendly. We will help guide new arrivals and aid in character development. Genre understanding and respect.

7. Observers will wear the -O- at the end of their name. If you come in as Bob, and just sit idle you will be booted from the room. Anon observers will not be welcome. Get a proper Gorean Name when entering.

8. Various types of role play is encouraged. Any conflict, please seek help by city administration and a discussion will happen privately to try and resolve the creative conflict.

9. Two post approach to Turia Gates is necessary if you are not already a member of Turia. Showing up suddenly on the street out of no where is not accepted. Once inside Turia, this rule is not necessary. This is for only first time arrivals.

10. Prodigy rules apply

11. This is an MPG Friendly RP Room and all new and first time players are welcomed here

12. Must play the gender you were born as. No "gender-bending"