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"Treve was alleged to lie above Ar, some seven hundred pasangs distant, and toward the Sardar. I had never seen the city located on a map but I had seen the territory she claimed so marked. The precise location of Treve was not known to me and was perhaps known to few save its citizens. Trade routes did not lead to the city and those who entered its territory did not often return. There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city."
Book 6, Raiders of Gor, Page 60

"Yes, I knew the reputation of Treve. It was a city rich in plunder, probably as lofty, inaccessible and impregnable as a tarn's nest.
Indeed, Treve was known as the Tarn of the Voltai. It was an arrogant, never-conquered citadel, a stronghold of men whose way of life was banditry, whose women lived on the spoils of a hundred cities."
Book 3, Priest-Kings of Gor, Page 63

"Indeed, even merchants and ambassadors were permitted to approach the city only under conduct, and then only when hooded and in bonds, as though none not of Treve might approach her save as slaves or captive supplicants.
Book 7, Captive of Gor, Page 191

Room Rules

  1. All PoD Site Rules Apply 
  2. This is a modified kill/capture/collar & Mirror Zone. If we can't do it in your room, you cannot do it in ours.
  3. Observers are welcome, you must use your proper Gorean name and utilize the ~o~ or be removed.
  4. OOC and messenger apps are not Gor and do not cross into this room.
  5. Mirror Bans Apply.
  6. Creative story building is encouraged here to develop room intrigue and drama (in roleplay only) and alliances can be discussed.
  7. This room is LGBT+ friendly. Be honest with your partner if explicit roleplay occurs.
  8. We are not accepting raids at this time.
  9. Free Women may visit but must have an escort; NPC is permitted. Know your role.
  10. Collared slaves may enter with escort; NPC is permitted.
  11. Blacks-Must speak to room owner and/or leader first.
  12. Bare necked slaves will be collared immediately and sent to the slaver house for evaluation.
  13. The default system of fighting here is AR Open Combat, the fight will be judged by a male member of the Council unless a council member is involved, then the judge will be agreed upon between both players