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"Ax Glacier was far to the north, a glacier spilling between two mountains of stone, taking in its path to the sea, spreading, the form of an ax. The men of the country of Ax Glacier fish for whales and hunt snow sleen. They cannot farm that far to the north. Thorgeir, it so happened, of course, was the only man of the Ax Glacier country, which is usually taken as the northern border of Torvaldsland, before the ice belts of Gor's arctic north, who was at the Thing-Fair"--Book 9, Marauders of Gor, page 139


  1. All POD site rules will be expected to be followed.
  2. Respect the room leader and the mods.
  3. 3. This is a drama-free zone. Leave it at the door. All are here to have fun and enjoy the role play. Not all personalities will get along in the home, but try to keep the discord to a small percentile. For this home, you think it, you did it. Actions speak louder than words. If you do something. you own it. If you disrupt the room, you will be asked to leave. This is your only warning.
  4. We accept all levels of role play experience, whether you have been in Gor 20 years or 1 day. It will be respected here. If you have any questions about the role play or the room, you can ask a member.
  5. This is a mirror home. If you cannot do it in your home, you cannot do it in ours.
  6. When entering the home, it will be with a real name, not dots, x's, anonymous names. All anonymous names will be booted.
  7. Because of Ax Glacier's location, you must arrive by ship. Remember that when entering the coast and the homestead.
  8. All visitors are welcome with the ~o~ at the end of your name. This will let everyone know you are observing. You may ask questions and get to know the home. If you wish to further interact, you can remove the ~o~.
  9. This is Gor and no messengers, i.e. Skype, Discord, or Trillian, will be brought in to save you. There are no telephones on Gor.
  10. Free Women of the North are bold and outspoken. They often speak their minds and are highly respected.
  11. This is not a forced-collar home. All bonds and thralls will be allowed time to see if they are a good fit. Only Free members of the home can collar bonds and thralls, except when the leader gives permission to do so. All visiting bonds and thralls from other homes must have the approval of their Owners.
  12. This is a Northern home. The bonds are fiery, feisty, and, at times, speak their minds, for they know they are not allowed to keep things in.Bond-maids here can serve food and drinks. Only members and honored guests get full heated serves.
  13. Thralls are welcome here. Be sure to act your part. It is not a free-for-all of furring. You are expected to work.
  14. The members of the home work hard, and the bonds and thralls will work just as hard.
  15. No open furring in the room. Do it in pm or take it to a private room.

  16. No pming without permission. You must ask first.
  17. Remember to play your part, be it a Free Man, Free Woman, bond, or thrall. If you act like a bond or thrall in Free's clothing, you will be called out for it. Additional instances of same behavior will result in caging and/or collaring.
  18. Open Combat is the default here. The AR system is the method used, unless the parties agree otherwise. The room leader will be the judge if he is not in the combat or you may choose an impartial judge that both parties agree upon.
  19. At this time, we are not accepting raids.
  20. Blacks are not allowed to ply their trade, for they are not found in the North.
  21. Secondary characters are not being allowed at this time. Perhaps in the future, it may be allowed.
  22. No dualing allowed. Stick to one persona.
  23. Gender Bending is allowed. You can play the character you identify as, no harm, no foul.
  24. Any M/messenger coming in Ax Glacier must state who they are a here to deliever a message too. No slaves of Ax Glacier are allowed to receive messengers unless with their Owner's permission.

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