"I gazed upon the city. In such places came together the complexities and the poverties, the elementalities and the richnesses of the worlds. In such places were to be found the rare, precious habitats of culture, the astonishing, moving delights of art and music, the truths of theater and literature, the glories and allegories of architecture, bespeaking the meanings of peoples, man-made symbols like mountain ranges; in them, too, were to be found iron and silver, and gold and steel, the chairs of finance and the thrones of power. I gazed at the shining city. How startling it seemed. Such places were like magnets to man; they call to him like gilded sirens; they lure him inward to their dazzling wonders, bewitching him with their often so meretricious whispered promises; they were symbols of races. In them were fortunes to be sought, and fortunes to be won, and fortunes to be lost; in them there were crowds, and loneliness, in them success trod the same pavements as failure; in their plazas hope jostled with despair, and meaning ate at the same table with meaninglessness. In such places were perhaps the best and worst that man could do, his past and future, his pain and pleasure, his darkness and light, come together in a single focus."

--Mercenaries of Gor page 256

Rules for the City of Ar

1. You must be over 18 to play here. All PoD rules apply
2. Prodigy is the combat here. Judgments needed will be placed on the boards for a judge.
3. Secondary characters are allowed here if your home allows them.
4. We don't care what your gender is, this is RP not a dating site.
5. Assassins are welcome, no notice needed or scripts.
6. Panthers/Talunas would be here in cages, not wandering. Stick to your forest and jungles.
7. Slaves must have owner's permission.
8. No City owned slaves so please don't come in to beg for a collar, you will be ignored.
9. Leave your OOC/Drama on Skype, Discord or whereever you OOC hang out. This is RP!!
10. Lady Scaura's Home PDs are by INVITE only. Thank you!

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