WOW 3 years and we are still going strong . In fact we are thriving. It's been a good year and it's also been a rough year for some of us in real life. However, We kicked ass in the roleplay. We are heading into our 4th year now and showing no sign of letting up. Congrats to all the players in the room, without you we would be nothing.

7-11-15 script  | 7-21-15 script 

The Arkham Awards ( Arkies)

Winners for Oddest Sex Scene

 Take 2 Bat Babes and toss in some lust toxin and some serious odd stuff is bound to happen. Congrats Kate and Steph

Winners for best Story Arc

23 people playing 43 Characters . Done in 3 nights for a total of 12 hours of RP The Best Story Arc of the year was The return of the Wall.


Winners for Favorite Couple

Who says a Demon possessed blade can't be you better half?


Winners for Best Original Character Male and Female

Winner for best Solo Role Play

Starman's solo for the start of his time traveling Legacy Arc was so awesome .

Winners for Best Consensual Sex Scene

It was Romantic. It was Special. It was the best consensual scene this year.

Winner for Best Role Player as a Victim

Winner for Best Role Player as a Tormentor

Winners for Best Rape Scene

How many people could see this one coming or even pull it off? Harley did it. Harley Raped Superman.

Winner for Goody Two Shoes (most Heroic)

Winner for Dastardly Deeds (Most Evil)

Best Tormentor and Most Evil this year. Damaged was on a roll.

Winners for the Tear Jerker Award

It's been a long time coming. When Steph was finally brought back to the good side there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Winners for Its a Dish best served Cold (Best Revenge)

Who knew Cyborg could have such a dark side.

Winners for the Best Man and Woman Whore

Winners for Best Combat Scene

The massive rp that was the Return of the Wall yielded the best combat of the year. Congrats you all 23 people that pull this 3 day event off.

Winner Most Improved Role Player


Winners Most Memorable Destruction of a Building

That beast of a Roleplay the Return of the wall also gave us the Destruction of that monstrosity, The Flying Bat Cave. When Joker decided it would make the perfect Nuclear weapon Steph took her down in the River.


Winner You just won the internets award ( Best One Liner)

Beating out Hatters "Out of the Pool" The Chin Steve Trevor won it with this killer line.

“You know.. Angel-cakes.. Normally when you call and say Hi Steve.. We will go on a date... Saturday Night, be ready.... It usually entitles dinner, drinks, maybe some dancing. A nice long romantic stroll along some beach back to a sleety motel.. Not heading into a highly secured detention facility to see a demented Ted-Chucky. … just saying”.


Funniest Scene

When the uptight Queen of Cold Hearted took Trevor with her to strike a deal with Alice Hilarity had to happen. Between the scotch on the rocks gag and Waller mentally killing Trevor again this scene was the funniest of the year.

There are always those awesome people that deserve a little extra recognition.

We Love You.

Even though she is not able to be involved in a lot of the arcs and plots we do because of the time zone issue . She is a valuable member of this room and we think she sometimes just doesn't realize just how much we love her here. Kitty We love you please don't ever forget that.


Thank You for all the NPC's

Stephanie has been wonderful with helping out on several major scenes by bringing to life some amazing NPCs for us.


You Fuckin Rock

We are so glad you decided to stay and have been so active this year with us. 


Thank You to the Team

This room ... this home would not be successful , it would not be as amazing as it is without the team. These people are the mortar that hold this room together. From the begining Tyger was smart enough to implement a strong moderator team. We have a structure within this room that not a lot of other rooms have and I attribute the fact that we have lasted as long as we have to the fact that we have a wonderful group of people in this room and a strong team. I can not imagine trying to run this place myself. It would have flopped along ago if that were the case. I can not express just how important You are to me and this room.

Thank You for all the Hard Work

Minotaur really stepped up to the plate this year and done a lot of for the room. He has been here really since the begining though it took a little convincing to get him to actually join and we are so glad he did. Without him the room just would not be the same. Minotaur thank You so much for all of your hard work this year.

Female Hero

Female Villain

Male Hero

Male Villain