As the first year of Arkham City Limits approaches. We decided there was so much awesome that happened within our room that there needed to be some recognition for it. Beast Boy had the idea and Harley took that idea and ran with it. What happened next will hopefully end up being a yearly tradition for the room .

6-19-13 script  | 6-22-13 script

The Arkham Awards ( Arkies)

Winners for Oddest Sex Scene

Harley forces Batgirl to watch her screw Riddler.

Winners for best Story Arc

Riddlers Riddle factory Quiz Show.

Winners for Favorite Couple

Winners for Best Original Character Male and Female

Winner for best Solo Role Play

Winners for Best Consensual Sex Scene

(please forgive the typo I was tired when making them)

Harley's Bachelorette Party. What is a party/orgy if your Ex (Joker) doesn't crash it and Kill someone.

Winner for Best Role Player as a Victim

Winner for Best Role Player as a Tormentor

Winners for Best Rape Scene

It was brutal. It was sexy and the hero will be back for more.

Winner for Goody Two Shoes (most Heroic)

Winner for Dastardly Deeds (Most Evil)

Winners for the Tear Jerker Award

When the Riddler broke up with Bat Girl at the Bonita Dinner to protect her from Brainiac there was not a dry eye in the house.

Winners for Its a Dish best served Cold (Best Revenge)

Harley Broke up with the Joker by having her minion Numbah 69 Drive a tank threw the madhouse. Big explosion happens and the place burns to the ground. She then gets engaged to Tim Drake (Red Robin) by the light of the burning building. Joker in retaliation sends Harley a live video of Him fucking Phobia.

Winners for the Best Man and Woman Whore

Winners for Best Combat Scene

When General Zod teams up with Brainiac to take over the world all hell was bound to break loose.

Winner Most Improved Role Player

When Kitty first came in she was shy about role playing in public. Now she is one of the strongest role players we have.

Winners Most Memorable Destruction of a Building

Prometheus had a Master plan that was foiled this night. It ended with Ivy and Harley Killing him but not before he managed to bring down Titan Tower.

Winner You just won the internets award ( Best One Liner)

When Brainiac (Riddler) wanted to start making a race of beings with special abilities He started with trying to get Crea Pregnant. Thus delivering a line that made us all never look at a washing machine in the same way ever again. The stag droid was raping her with "the passion and tenderness of a washing machine".

There are always those awesome people that deserve a little extra recognition.


Thank You for all the NPC's

Stephanie has been wonderful with helping out on several major scenes by bringing to life some amazing NPCs for us.

You Fuckin Rock

Kitty has been instrumental is helping us with the security of our room. Always diligent in her efforts. Plus she sticks with us even if she is in a funky time zone and misses a lot of stuff. We still love Kitty and the room would not be the same without her.

Thank You for Letting Us Play

Love him or hate him, You have to admit this guy is pretty damn awesome. He bought the room and created it . Then had the brilliance to choose a wonderful team that has made the room grow . Without you we would be a bunch of horny geeks without an epic place to go. Thank you for the room and thank you for letting it truly be run by your people. You know how to do it right.