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"The four chief haruspexes of the peoples remained at the huge central altar, to which a white bosk was being slowly led."
Nomads of Gor

We are a Camp of Tuchuks and Others living on the Plains of Turia, an endless sea of golden grasses in Southern Gor.   Camp is located near a huge herd of bosk, beasts known to be the "Lifeblood of the Tuchuk". As you approach Camp, you will be met by Outriders, who keep up constant guard over the outskirts of our Home. If you come in peace, you will be allowed to pass, but beware!  The Tuchuk, also known as the "Wily Ones",  are suspicious and wary of strangers.  You could be questioned by Members of the Home and will be watched carefully. Do not take offense to this; it is just the way of the Tuchuk until you are proven a friend or you are known among us.

When you enter the main gate of Camp, you will notice kaiila pens on your right, bosk pens next to them, and sleen pens further down.  If you traveled by kaiila or bosk, you are welcome to leave your beasts for rest at the appropriate place.  There will be a row of Guest wagons ahead of you and Member wagons beyond them, followed by Merchant wagons.  Follow the path to the central fire, where you will most likely find Members of Camp, kajira, or other activity.

There is always much to do around a wagon camp.  We are in need of Hunters, Leather Workers, Builders, Weapon Makers, Sleen Handlers, Kaiila Trainers, Scribes, (Year Keepers), Healers, Slavers, Merchants, Brewers, Cooks, Commanders, Outriders, and of course slaves.  All are welcome, experienced or not.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact the Room Leader, Razi.    (razi.ch.mc@gmail.com)


  1. All Portal of Dreams site rules apply.
  2. Must be 18 or older to enter.
  3. Observers are welcome but must wear an -o- tag and will not interfere with roleplay.
  4. This is a full capture-kill-collar Gorean roleplay zone.
  5. Messengers are allowed with yellow sash.
  6. We accept roleplayers with or without Gorean RP experience. Ask if you have questions.
  7. NPC characters are used by M/members of the Home and can be used for the Home's defense.
  8. No anonymous names or variations are allowed.
  9. Any RT or OOC chatter should be in private or kept to minimum.
  10. Keep Skype or other drama out of room.  RT related drama will not be tolerated.
  11. Dualing or multiple characters are not allowed without prior approval by UBAR.
  12. Only Members of the Home can collar girls here.
  13. The Prodigy combat standard is the default here unless otherwise agreed upon by participants beforehand.
  14. If you raid us, We must be allowed to raid you. Otherwise any raid is invalid.
  15. The UBAR has final authority in all disputes and RP in this Home.

The White Bosk Wagon Camp is based upon the books of Gor by John Norman
All references to the Tuchuk and to Gor are copyright by John Norman
This is a fan site and no infringement of copyright is intended or implied.
All Portal of Dreams rules apply