Greetings and Welcome

to Starlight Dungeon.
This is a BDSM Room and follows BDSM protocols and the SSC mindset.
This room is open to A/all.
Just remember that BDSM is not the same for E/every person so you should keep an open mind.

Room Rules:

1. Please use a name. Anon, Dots, A single letter, or initials is NOT a name.
2. You must ask publically to PM some. Do Not assume you can PM everyone.
3. No means no. Even a submissive has that right to say No.
4. Please be Y/yourself. This is not an R/P room, playing a character is not needed here.
5. What happens in this room stays here. Please keep any R/T info that you do not want to share with everyone outside of the room.
6. Please be polite and show respect to E/everyone. This also means please do not bring You DRAMA into Star Light Dungeon. If y/you need to speak with someone concerning something that may cause Drama, please take it to PM.
7. The use of 2 names is permitted in Star Light Dungeon in ONE situation only. A S/switch may choose to use 1 name as a Dominant, and another as a submissive with the stipulation that they do not hide either name from the room owners.
8. Star Light Dungeon is not a room for image testing. A/anyone disobeying this will be reported to Admin. If Y/you need to test something, please try Method, or the Community Hall.
9. This is a chat room. Lurking is not permitted. Lurking will get you removed from the room.
10. Star Light Dungeon is a BDSM themed room. It is not a Cyber Sex Room. If all you wish is Cyber sex, Please look elsewhere. You will not find it here.
11. Beastiality, Scat, Golden showers, rape scenes, child play, animal play, are not permitted in the Dungeon. Open scenes are permitted as long as it does not disturb the flow of the room, or other events going on.

Please come in and join U/s
Failure to follow room rules will find you booted.