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Welcome to the City of Ko-ro-ba

"Ko-ro-ba lay in the midst of green and rolling hills, some hundreds of feet above the level of the distant Tamber Gulf and that mysterious body of water beyond it, spoken of in Gorean simply as Thassa, the Sea. Ko-ro-ba was not set as high and remote as for example was Thentis in the mountains of Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, but it was not a city of the vast plains either, like the luxurious metropolis of Ar, or of the shore, like the cluttered, crowded, sensuous Port Kar on the Tamber Gulf. Whereas Ar was glorious, a city of imposing grandeur, acknowledged even by its blood foes; whereas Thentis had the proud violence of the rude mountains of Thentis for its setting; whereas Port Kar could boast the broad Tamber for her sister, and the gleaming, mysterious Thassa beyond, I thought my city to be truly the most beautiful, its variegated lofty cylinders rising so gently, so joyfully, among the calm, green hills."
---Outlaw of Gor, 5:39-4

General Rules
-There will be NO Dualling, Multiple Character, or Gender Bending role-play permitted within the home of Ko-ro-ba at any time whatsoever.

Free Men
-Free men run and govern the City of Ko-ro-ba. The Administrator and Council will have absolute right over all decisions.
-All Castes will be welcomed to the City but it will be expected that all Citizens do role-play and not just sit there and chat. There is NO OOC!
-All within the Home who call Ko-ro-ba Their Home, are safe within the walls. No one may enter and cause any trouble and at least 2 Free Men of the Home would need to be present.
-All weapons will be left at the door to the Main Hall on entry and collected when leaving. If a Citizen of the City, of course, weapons may be worn within the Main Hall. If you are accompanied by a slave girl, you are responsible for her behavior.

Free Women
-The Free Women are to act and behave like a Free Woman. Failure to do so may well result in new jewelry. Veils are optional.

-You have absolutely no reason to be here. You will be treated as any wandering slave girl.

The Black Caste
-Blacks seeking to fulfill a contract must first consult with the Administrator of the City.

-Uncollared slaves will be seized upon entry.
-Collared slaves who enter without their Masters will be simply seized and caged and or collared.

Combat and Raids
-All combat that takes place in the room will be judged by the room leader UNLESS it is a lethal combat or the room leader is one of the combatants. If the room leader is fighting then an outside judge will be decided upon.
-Raids must follow PoD Raid Rules.
-NPCs will only be used to fight other NPCs.